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Monday, December 1, 2008

Mavis Staples - Love gone bad 1983

Born Jul 10, 1939 in Chicago, most of Mavis Staples' career has been as a lead singer for the Staple Singers. According to ROLLING STONE magazine, she was voted as the 56th greatest singer of all time. In 1983 she recorded on Phono Records the single “Love gone bad” produced by Brian Holland and it's not the Chris Clark recording written by Holland-Dozier-Holland. This single was included on her self-titled album in 1984. As a single it reached #75 on Billboard's R&B singles chart in January 1984.
However, the 7" single is a bit different from the LP track. Originally the album released in 1984 as "Love Gone Bad,". The album didn't come out when it was completed, but years later (1995) on HDH Records. The re-release was also renamed to "Mavis Staples". Which one you think is better? Please tell me your opinion.

This is 7 inch

This is Lp track

I would really appreciate your comments

Note: In my opinion this 7 incher should be more expensive on Ebay

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Anonymous said...

The 7Inch-Version sounds more rough and that is what makes it more interesting. The LP-Verion sounds more like a studio-version which was produced in order to reach the masses.