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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chuck Edwards - Ooh la la la 1983

Charles Edward Edwins was born in 1927 in Pittsburgh, PA. He started playing guitar professionally in the late 40’s. He made his first recordings in 1953 for Duke as Charles Edwins and his Orchestra (‘I Got Loose’ b/w ‘Bong Gone’). He eventually took the stage name Chuck Edwards, and continued to record for Duke. For many years he recorded many 45" in various labels. In 1972 he packed up his family and moving to the San Francisco Bay area, living in a motel for the first several months. It was there that the Edwards family became the band The Edwards Generation. By the mid-70’s they released at least one 45 (‘School Is In’ b/w ‘Someone Like You’ on Ghetto), and a full length LP, ‘The Street Thang’ on Tight records.

The group also appeared on television a few times, including the Mike Douglas Show.
In 1983 Chuck recorded two singles on Tight Records, entitled "Ooh la la la" and "Baby baby baby". I have chosen the track "Ooh la la la". Produced by Irene Edwins & Charles Edwins.

Edwards would continue to play locally through the years, eventually releasing the CD ‘Back Again’ (Tight) in 1994, which featured both new, and classic material. His sons, who had played in the Edwards Generation, formed their own band, Movin’ who play frequently in the Bay Area.
Edwards and his wife retired (ironically) to the San Jose suburb of Pittsburgh, California. Sadly Chuck Edwards died around 2000.

Biography by funky16corners

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

Thank you very much my friend/collector "John" that you brought this rare version to my attention two years ago.

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Ace said...

I first met Chuck in Aquatic park in San Francisco in the early 80's. I was playing in a metal band, but enjoyed jamming with Chuck on some standards like "Till Then" and "All of Me".

He was selling Cassettes then, and I was lucky to get one. It's just him on his guitar, a really old drum machine and a mic. IT's one of my most priceless recording I own.

God bless you Chuck

Ace Andres