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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

M.C.B. 1983

MCB are Aaron Mills (spectre bass / music man bass / fender precision bass and lead vocals) and Jeryl Bright (trombone / lead and background vocals). Aaron Mills started with the band N.C.C.U (New Central Connection Unlimited) and later became member to the famous funk band Cameo, Jeryl Bright was also member of the band Cameo. Both of them collaborated with Ramsey Lewis, Donald Byrd and Kevin Toney. Aaron Mills and Jeryl Bright formed MCB group. They recorded one and only album on Epic in 1983. In this album participated Belida Woods (was member of the group Brainstorm) on vocals and Phenix Horns (Don Myrick on sax, Rhamlee Davis on trumpet, Louis Satterfield on trombone and Mike Harris on trumpet). Also Thomas T.C. Campbell (was member of the group Cameo) on piano and Wayne Kee on guitar and vocal. Produced and arranged by Tom Tom 84 and MCB. I chose two fantastic tracks entitled "I'm the one, you're the one" and "Bring it back (to the music)". Solo sax by Don Myrick.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full.

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