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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rumple-Stilts-Skin 1981

Rumple-Stilts-Skin is an unknown group from the Ohio scene. Two of the members are the McCants brothers. Chris and Sam were full time members of the group Chicago Gangsters in the album “Life is not easy…without you” in 1979. Chris on drums and Sam on piano,organ, guitar and vocals. The majority of the songs were written by the McCants brothers (Leroy, James, Chris and Sam), as were all productions.
Chris and Sam McCants went on to form Rumple-Stilt-Skin along with Carl McCaskey (guitar) and Phil Maxwell (sax) and two other short-lived members Sherry Kaye and Nobi Weaver. They recorded an album in 1981 on Heat records. Produced by Chris and Sam McCants. From this album I chose two tracks entitled “Forever” and “I need you”.

I want to mention that I need you” was released as a sinlge on Heat Records and Creat Records on the same year.
Also as Rumple-Stilts-Skin released one more single in 1983 on Heat records entitled “I think I want to dance with you”. Then the group changed the name into IVY.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full


PhillyDave said...

They also recorded a very rare CD in 1991 called "You & me" on the C.M.S. label, containing a monster 2 step tune "Better get ready for love".

ilovedisco said...

Hi, who is the female vocalist on "I think I want to dance with you"? One of my favs! Thank You.

Souldennis said...

I'm sorry. It is very difficult to find it.