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Friday, April 10, 2009

Betty Badgett

Betty Padgett was born in New Port, NJ but her family moved to Florida where she began her singing career. Initially she lead a girl group dubbed Betty and The Q's. The quartet also included Shirley Smith, Carolyn Griffen and Mary McCoy. They gigged locally before Betty joined other groups which augmented her performance credits to include overseas treks to Switzerland, Germany, Paris, Mexico and Belize. She released her first record, "Sugar Daddy" in 1976 to little fanfare. Also at the same time she recorded album on ALWA records. Produced by Ultra Production Corp. This Lp is very expensive. I chose a track entitled "Gypsy of love". Also this track was re-recorded by Frankie Zhivango on the same label in 1978.

A 1981 effort, "Sweet Feeling", fared better garnering some regional airplay. All the while she toured with Latimore and TK Records artists Jimmy Bo Horne, David Hudson, and R.B. Hudmon.
In the mid-90s Betty sang with Joey Gilmore and band before finally getting another shot at the studio. Two TT's Records released "30 Second Man" in 1998. To promote the record she teamed up with local "white godfather of the blues and soul" Motel Mel and formed Betty Padgett & the Right Stuff band, which has racked up plenty road mileage throughout the gulf coast. Her fourth release, "Closet Lover", dropped in 2004 but it was in 2006 when she really began to make her mark. Her CD "Never Coming Home" and the single of the same time have already made an impact in the Southern Soul market.
Note: Recently Luv N' Haight records released CD and LP (reissue)
Biography by Bluescritic

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