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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Brainstorm - Journey to the light 1978

Brainstorm was a 70s funk group from Detroit. They started in 1976 and recorded for Tabu Records. One of their members, Renell Gonsalves, was the son of longtime Ellington sax great Paul Gonsalves. Other members were great vocalist Belita Karen Woods, Charles Overton, Jeryl Bright (was member of the group Cameo and MCB), Larry H. Sims, Gerald Kent, Trenita Womack, E. Lamont Johnson (released an album in 1978 on Tabu records “Music of the Sun), and Willie Wooten. They made a good inspirational/message track in 1977, "Wake Up and Be Somebody," but enjoyed their biggest hit later that year in "Lovin' Is Really My Game." It reached number 14 on the R&B charts. In 1978 they recorded second album entitled “Journey to the light” (#53 on Billboard's R&B albums). The album was originally released on Tabu records, March 1978. Produced by Jerry Petters. String orchestra conducted by Charles Veal. From this album I chose two tracks entitled "We're on our way home" and "Loving just you". Lead vocals by Belita Woods and Trenita Womack.

Then in 1979 they recorded 3rd album entitled "Funky Entertainment" without success. Only the track soul ballad "You Put A Charge In My Life" is good.

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