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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bobby Jonz - Special 1985

A Louisiana native transplanted to Chicago, Bobby Jonz aka Bobby Jones (Not to be confused with the gospel singer Bobby Jones) is a black country soul singer known for quirky answer songs and laid back reinterpretations of songs made famous by other artists. He broke into the music business with Chicago southside blues act The Aces circa 1960 but his own solo album entitled “Thought You Were Loving Me” wasn’t released until today. However he recorded single entitled “Thought You Were Loving Me” in 1984 on Expansion Records. The next year he released another single entitled “Special” on Solv Records.

In 1997 he resurfaced again with his well-received album, “In the Mood for Love” on the now defunct Ace Records label. He followed it up with Bobby Jonz Sings Country on Avanti in 1998 and Your Freak Is Here on Big Bidness in 1999 and Lee Shot Stole My Freak(circa 2003 on Red Dot). Jones is also a featured vocalist with Delta Groove recording artists The Mannish Boys.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full.

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