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Monday, August 31, 2009

Jimmy McCloud - When there's love in your life 1982

Jimmy McCloud was unknown singer from Detroit. He had begun recordings in 1976. He released on Tribe Records single entitled “I blew it / Don’t make the angels cry”. It is very expensive and his style is northern soul. I haven’t seen other record by McCloud until 1982. He recorded on Corn Records and released single entitled “When love hits ya / When there’s love in your life”. Produced by R.Martin and Jimmy McCloud. I chose the ballad "When there's love in your life". Composed by R.Martin and R.Eaton.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full


Kris said...

It's 6:56am I rolled over in my bed and I thought about my good friend. Jimmy McCloud I wondered if he was on the Internet. So I put his name in and he popped up.
I can't wait to call him this morning on the phone and tell him that he hasn't been forgotten. That he still has fan's out there.
That somebody still remember him.
Jimmy McCloud is alive well and kicking' He still live's in Detroit.

Souldennis said...

Hi, Can you bring me to contact with Jimmy McCloud ?