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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Power - Power 1982 Lp

Power recorded one and only fantastic album in 1980-81. It was released on Malaco Records in 1982. The members were Ken Jones, Darryl Drapper, Wendell Watson, Pat Daneil and Bruce Pierson. Power was organized by Bruce Pierson. Before Malaco Records in 1978-79, they performed songs of the Temptations. One of the Temptation songs they use to perform was called "POWER", they decided to take on that name. They signed with Malaco Records in 1980 and recorded a long playing single "Play It Again Sam" and a regular single with "Groovin" by the Young Rascals and "You're Everything I Always Wanted" in 1980 and the complete album entitled "POWER" in 1981. The musicians were: Carson Whitsett and John Alford on keyboards, Dino Zimmerman and Noel Godfrey on guitars, Ray Griffin on bass, James Robertson & Ken Shaw on drums, Joe Shamwell & John Alford on synthesizers. Horns by Harrison Callaway, Ronny Eades, Harvey Thompson, Charles Rose, Ben Cauley, Morris Henderson, Henry C.Rogers Jr. & Michael Bartley. Strings by Mickey Davis, Bob McNally, Claudette Hampton, Peggy Wynstra, Janet Dressler, Steven Dressler and Linda Geidel. Flutes by Cybil Cheesman & Mike Lewis.
Produced by Joe Shamwell & Tommy Couch.

I have chosen two great tracks entitled "I can't stop" and "Betcha didn't know that".
"Betcha didn't know that" first recording by frederick Knight.

Today Power after so many years recorded single CD on Moonsound Records in 2004 and album CD on Powerized Records in 2006. The members are Darryl Draper, Bruce Peirson, Patrick Daniel and Wendell Watson.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

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