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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Special Delivery - Living on the run 1981 Lp

The group was formed in 1972 under the name ACT 1. The members were Reginald Ross, George Parker and Roger Terry. Terry Huff joined the group in 1974. They collaborated with producer/songwriter called Rafael Gerald and released one album in 1974 on Spring Records. Then they left Spring Records for Mainstream Records and re-formed with Huff, and changed their name to Special Delivery.
Terry Huff, George Parker, Chester Fortune, and Reginald Ross recorded ballad entitled “I destroyed your love” in 1975 written by Huff. The song quickly became a staple on quiet storm radio stations and remained on the low end of the R&B charts. Before Mainstream could record a follow-up, the group disbanded over musical, business, and personal differences.
Terry Huff recorded and produced "The Lonely One" with help from Al Johnson. Johnson (Terry was friend with Al Johnson) and Huff's two brothers (Andy and Jimmy) did the backing vocals. For commercial reasons, Mainstream released it as being by Special Delivery featuring Terry Huff. The song's success caused a demand for an LP, which Huff and Johnson rushed to New York to record.
Then the group recorded album without Terry Huff on Shield Records in 1978. Produced by George Parker.
Next album was “Living on the run” in 1981 on M&M Records. This album was recorded at Sigma Sound Studios. Members were George Parker, Reginald Ross, Andre Sanders, Mick Jessup (lead vocal), Sylvester Lee, Janice Lee and Veronica Martin. The musicians were Alphonzo Dawson and Juaquin Jessup on guitar, Miklos Jessup on bass, Bill Jackson on drums. Horn section by Tim Eyerman, Kenny Smukai, Vaughn Nark and David Steinmeyer. Horn & String arrangements by Matthew Allen, James Purdie and George Parker. Produced by George Parker.

I chose two tracks entitled "Got to be number one" and "Don't deny my love".

# Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

## Not to be confused with fusion group who recorded an album in 1983

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