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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

June Millington - When wrong is right 81

June Millington was born in the Philippines. She moved with her family to California when she was 13 years old. June along with her sister Jean Millington, they began playing in all-female bands. In 1969 they formed group called “Funny” together with drummer Alice de Buhr and keyboardist Nickey Barkley .
Fanny was the first all-female rock band to be signed by a major record label and to gain international recognition.
In 1973, June left from the group, with the band breaking up a short time later. Then June played guitar for other performers.
In 1977 June along with her sister released album entitled "Ladies on the stage" on United Artist Records. It was a pop, soul and disco album with folk ballads. The next year she was producer on Mary Watkins jazz/soul album "Something moving" on Olivia Records.
In 1981 she released first solo album entitled “Heartsong” on her own label, Fabulous Records. At the same label Leon Ware had released one of the best soul albums in 1979.
It was recorded at Blue Dolphin Studio, Los Angeles. All songs written and arranged by June Millington except for "Trouble" written by June Millington and Tret Fure. Produced by June Millington and Tret Fure.
I have chosen a great mid-tempo entitled "When wrong is right".

The next year in Milwaukee she began to write songs of the album “Running” that it released in 1983. Then she released two albums more “One world, one heart” in 1988 and “Ticket to wonderful” in 1993.

Note: The above posted track is not played in full

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