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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Steelers - Pretty lady 1985

This vocal group never made a truly bad record; they were too good a group. Their upbeat pop-like harmonies put a smile on your face and got your toes a-tapping, and the harmonies were simply ethereal. The ensemble was largely a brother’s act, consisting of lead singer Wes Wells, Alonzo Wells, George Wells, Leonard Truss and F.Allen. The group was formed on the West side in 1965, and not long afterward made its first record with veteran producer Al Smith on the Glow Star label, “Crying Bitter Tears”. The song featured excellent soul harmonies and used highly effective switch-off leads with falsetto the primary lead. “The Flame Remains” from 1966, was almost an equally appealing record, but neither record sold much.
The Steelers only scored a national hit after they left Crash. The 1969 song “Get it from the bottom” written by Wes Wells and Al Smith and produced by Smith and Calvin Carter, was apparently impressive enough for Columbia to pick it up and release it on its Date subsidiary. The zesty up-tempo number, reminiscent of the Esquires sound, made it on Cash Box’s R&B chart for three weeks. The Steelers never had another national hit, but they never called it quits.
In the mid 80s they released a single entitled "Pretty lady" on Tre Records. In fact this song was first recorded in 1979 from The Whispers. This cover version from The Steelers is better. Divine stepper with fantastic instrumentation and magnificent vocals. Arranged and produced by Tom Tom 84.

In the late 80s they were still performing on the West Side and still coming out with records. In 2007 they released CD entitled "Steelers Love You" on Capital City Record/Mar-ance Records.


Glow Star 815 - Crying Bitter Tears / Walk Alone - 1966
Crash 428 - The Flame Remains / Heavens Gift - 1966
Crash 430 - Crying Bitter Tears / Just Beginning To Love You - 1967
Date 1642 - Get It From The Bottom / I'm Sorry - 1969
Epic 10587 - Can't Take The Pain / a Thousand Tomorrow's - 1970
Epic 10773 - You're What's Missing From My Life / You Got Me Calling - 1970

Wes Wells & The Steelers

Torrid 100 - From The Top of My Heart / it Must Be Love - 1974

The Steelers

Torrid 101 - From The Bottom of My Heart / It Must Be Love - 1974
AMG 607317 - Disturbing Thoughts / Love Love Love For Me - 1976
Triple T 002 - It Must Be Love / Dancing Girl - 1984
Tre 83183 - Pretty Lady / Instrumental - 1985
Triple T 004 - Feed Your Own / same - 1985

Note: Discography by Colin Dilnot
Biography by Chicago Soul
The above posted single is not played in full

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