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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Something Unique - This Feeling Between Us 1981

Something Unique was an obscure female group which released a single entitled "This Feeling Between Us" on Sheridan House as 7 incher and 12 incher respectively in 1981. 12 incher includes one more song entitled “Catch Action”. I think “Catch Action” is better known than “This Feeling Between Us”.
Composed by Kent Harris and Marshall McQueen. Marshall McQueen had collaborated with several artists such as Leon Haywood, Chuck Strong, J.D.Hall, Ted Taylor, Tony Love and Charles Breckinridge Overton known as C.B.Overton.
Horns arranged by Dave Wells. Produced by Dan McGill and Doug Smith.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full


BT1955 said...

Soulful music posted by a dedicated collector

Anonymous said...

Wow, where did you find this information about "Something Unique"!! I am one of the original members of this group Marcellina sang lead on "This feeling between us" and I sang lead on "Catch Action" and we are from Philly. Sandi the other part of us lives in Los Angeles. Thank you for preserving this body of work! Presently my husband and I own 2 Hoagie Shops in Philly, check our and please come by and have lunch on us!

Souldennis said...

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