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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Faragher Brothers - Never felt love before 1976

Faragher Brothers was a great blue-eyed soul group from Long Beach California. Danny and Jimmy along with younger brothers Tommy and Davey formed a group called the Faragher Brothers. The brothers released four albums.
In 1976 they released a single entitled "Never get your love behind me / Never felt love before" on ABC records. Both of the songs were included on the self-titled album on the same label.

I chose "Never felt love before" a great bossa nova with fantastic vocals. In this song, Davey Faragher on bass, John King on drums, David Hines on guitar, Johnny Vastano and Lenny Castro on percussion. Produced by Vini Poncia. Composed by Jimmy and Tommy Faragher.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full


Danny Faragher said...

Hi, Danny Faragher here of the Faragher Brothers. We recorded this song in 1975. Our intention was to make a demo. We cut the basic track live, Tommy on Rhodes, Davey on bass, John King on drums, me playing a two handed B3 organ part, and David Hines improvising his lovely guitar solo, all in real time. Upon hearing the play back, we were bowled over by the laid back, but funky groove, and quickly overdubbed the vocals. Tommy on lead, and Jimmy, Davey, and I singing the background parts.

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scrawnyguy78 said...

how many Faraghers are out there in the good old USA?? i am of the Faragher family, but i dont know if we are related through my grandpa's side of the family or some other distant relative, me and my mom are trying to find some other relatives we have never met yet, if you want to contact me i posted my email

Souldennis said...

First of all, thank you very much for your comments. You can see comments above by Danny Faragher. In this way you can learn info about his family. You tried to come in contact with Danny Faragher.