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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lynn White - Blues in My Bedroom Lp 1982

Lynn White was born in Mobile, Alabama on August 6, 1953. She started singing gospel such as every child and continued singing professionally in the late 1970's. She released probably the first single entitled "I Didn't Make My Move Too Soon" along with Betty Wilcox Ray in 1979 on Darby records. Also the same year she released the same single on Bust Out records.
Her first album was "Am I Too Much Woman For You" on Darby records in 1981. The next year she released one more album entitled "Blues In My Bedroom" on Waylo records. I don't like very much this album because most of the tracks are not in my style.
However the album includes two good tracks entitled "Anyway the wind blow" and "Giving it all I got".
The musicians were Steve Potts on drums, Leroy Hodges on bass, Thomas Bingham and Leroy Hodges on guitar, Michael Allen and Billy Always on piano, Archie Turner on organ. All guitars solo by Thomas Bingham. Background vocals by Billy Always. Produced by Willie Mitchell.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

"Anyway the wind blow" also released as a single on the same label.

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