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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Judd Watkins

He is an unknown singer from Baltimore. Most of the collectors, really don't know this jazz singer with a great baritone voice. I think that Judd Watkins deserved much greater recognition.
He started in the late 60s in Baltimore music scene when participated in the quartet along with guitarist O'Donel Levy, drummer Chester Thompson and organist Charles Covington.
In the early 70s he appeared with Webster Lewis when they recorded some live tracks in Oslo. Some of these recordings were released on the Webster Lewis album called "Live In Norway – The Club 7 Live Tapes".
In 1973 he sang and played percussion for O'Donel Levy album entitled "Everything I do gonna be funky". This album was released on Groove Merchant Records. Judd Watkins sang a self-titled song "Everything I gonna be funky" which released as single on the same label in 1974. This song was written by Allen Toussaint and was recorded in 1969 by Lee Dorsey.

Also Watkins sang the song "Paradise" on the album called "Free Angela" which was an amazing tribute to Angela Davis. The album includes tracks by Larry Saunders, Nitroglycerine, Dickie Wonder, Brother Love, Tyrone Thomas, Judd Watkins and Geraldine Jones.

In 1978 he collaborated with guitarist Nathen Page on the album entitled "Page 2" on Hugo's Music. He performed a great song entitled "Free (Not really)". Also this song was released as a single on the same label in 1978. The musicians were Nathen Page on guitar, Mike Smith on drums, Jimmy Wilson on trumpet, Charles Covington on piano and Marc Cohen on tenor & soprano sax.

Produced by Nathen Page. Composed by Nathen Page and Judd Watkins.

After this album, Judd Watkins disappears from recording. I don't know what he did for many years ,but in 2005 he appeared again and released his first solo album. It is a big surprise for me. He released a CD entitled "The other side" on his own label called "Judd Watkins".

 I have chosen a great song entitled "A very good year". You can enjoy his fantastic clear baritone voice. 

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

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