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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The McPhersons - Makin Music / If Forever Could Be 1981

I tried to find info about this group, but it was very difficult. The McPhersons was a family female group. They released a single entitled "Makin Music / If Forever Could Be" on Farja Records in 1981. Both of the songs were produced by George Bohanon. 

Both of the songs were written by Roxanne McPherson in 1979. Roxanne McPherson (born in 1958) is the niece of Billy Davis Jr. and Marilyn McCoo. She is an experienced and talented singer who has toured all around the world performing in such places as Las Vegas and in the USO tours. However on the songs the music or the lyrics must have been changed, so for this reason when it was released this 7 inch by Farja Records, on the labels mention that "Makin Music" was written by Roxanne McPherson and George Tavy. And the other song "If Forever Could Be" was written by Roxanne McPherson and George Bohanon. 

Rhythm & horn arranged by George Tavy.

Arranged by George Bohanon.

I found that at the same period Roxanne McPherson wrote one more song entitled "With You should be loving me".

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

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