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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Joe Casey And Fresh Heir - Let me hold you / I found a lady

Today I have the pleasure to present one of the rarest singles. I think it appears for first time in the world until this time that I write my article. My copy is a white label DJ copy. It includes two great songs. One side is a fantastic disco song and the other side is a beautiful ballad.

Joe Casey is an unknown singer. Hearing the songs, it seems that he is a blue-eyed soul singer. He released a single "Let me hold you / I found a lady" on GMI Records from New York around in the mid 70s. Both of the songs were written by J.DiBenedetto. Enjoy two great songs.

Note: The above posted songs are not played in full

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pastiche - That's R&B BOP 1984 Lp

Pastiche is an obscure female group from San Francisco Bay area. The group formed in the early 80s and started out as a quartet. Consisting of singers Debbie Murphy, Sandy Sukhov, Becky West and Jenny Meltzer. Pastiche has become well-known for their wonderful harmony blend and eclectic mix of musical styles. They have a variety of influences not only jazz but also everything from soul and pop to Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, and Caribbean music.
In 1984 they released an album on Nova Records. Probably was the first album. It was recorded at Group 4, Automat Studio. Great musicians helped the group such as Victor Feldman on piano, Neil Stubenhous on bass, Vinnie Caliuta on drums, Joe Porcaro on percussions, Chuck Findley on trumpet, Bill Watrous on trombone, Bud Shank and Bill Green on saxophone.

Arrangements by Allyn Ferguson and Nic TenBrock. Produced by Terry Terajima. I chose four songs entitled "How high the moon" , "You're as right as rain", "Stompin' at the savoy" and "Dream".

After they had made this album, Debbie Murphy and Sandy Sukhov left from the group.

Sandy Cressman

Sandy Cressman joined in the group and they continued as trio. In 1988 they released an album entitled "Remember that" on Blueprint Records. In 1992, Sandy Cressman began a solo career while still a member of Pastiche and in 1996 began performing as a duo with Brazilian master keyboardist Marcos Silva.
Sandy was born in New York City of American parents, but with a Brazilian heart. Silva, formerly musical director and arranger for Flora Purim and Airto, who has also worked with Toninho Horta, Dori Caymmi and other Brazilian greats. Cressman and Silva developed and extensive repertoire, musical interplay and following in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 1997, they expanded their group to a quintet, and in 1999, released “Homenagem Brasileira”, their critically acclaimed tribute to the great composers and performers of Brazilian Jazz.
In 2001 Pastiche released one more album/CD on Summit Records. Sandy released her second CD of Brazilian music in 2005, entitled "Brasil-Sempre no Coração".

Sandy Cressman on vocals, David Belove on electric bass, Marcos Silva on keyboards and percussion, Celso Alberti on drums, Harvey Wainapel on sax, Michael Spiro on percussion, Jeff & Natalie Cressman on trombone. I chose a track entitled "Deixa".

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dewey Jeffries - This is for you 1981 Lp

Dewey Jeffries was born on August 9, 1940 in Cleveland and grew up in the Cedar and Quincy area. He graduated from John Adams High School. He was a renowned jazz pianist for 40 years in the Greater Cleveland area as well as cities throughout the United States and Canada. Dewey Jeffries was known for his hot Jazz piano and smooth vocals. His mother played piano and sang gospel. His father was singer of blues music. His brother Cevera Jr.(Jeff) played bass. Jeff frequently played with jazz giants such as Miles Davis, Benny Carter.
Dewey Jeffries was appeared in the early 70s when he released some singles such as "Ole London / When No One Cared" on Gary-Dew Records in 1972 and "Live each day / How do you change the old foundation" on E&J Records in 1974. Later he released one more single called "You Brought About A Change / Why Do You Do What You Do" on Peltro Records in 1976.
In 1981 he released his first album entitled "This is for you" on Della Records. This album was recorded at Suma Recording Studio, Painesville, Ohio.

In this album participate Dewey Jeffries on piano, keyboards, synthesizer and vocals, Randel Moroz on flute, trumpet and trombone, Martin Baldwin on drums, Michael Rubin on percussion and drums. Also female vocals by jazz singer Vanessa Rubin.

Vanessa Rubin

Music arranged by Dewey Jeffries. All the songs were written by himself except "Deep inside of me". I have chosen three tracks entitled "Let's funk it up" , "Shake your ass" and "I know this is love".

Sadly, Dewey Jeffries passed away at age 68, on Friday July 17,2009.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Onstage - She's A Lady (Of The Night) 1985

Onstage was a soul funk group from Chicago and the members were Byron Woods (born in 1955) lead singer, Michael Logan (born in 1959) on vocals and keyboards, Lawrence Kimpel (born in 1959) on bass, Dana Goodman (born in 1958) on drums, Marsha Miller (born in 1958) on vocals, Willie Simmons on vocals and guitar, Thurman Morgan on guitar and Chippito Hardy on percussion.
In the early 80s they released their first single entitled "Who You Really Are / Hooked On Your Love" on Sock Records.
Later they signed with Jessie Saunders' label called Jes Say Records and released a single called "She's a lady of the night" in 1985 which released as 7 incher and 12 incher respectively.

Composed by Lawrence Kimpel, Michael Logan and Marsha Miller. Produced and arranged by Lawrence Kimpel, Michael Logan and Byron Woods.

Later they left from Jes Say Records and were signed with Omnibus Records. For Omnibus they released two singles entitled "I give my best / Why" in 1986 and "Alibi / Come on thru" in 1987 respectively. Karl Peteet was owner of Omnibus Records and also he became manager of Byron Woods. Onstage opened up for artists such as Rebbie Jackson and Smoke City. The group disbanded in 1989.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Carmen Amez - The River Must Flow

Carmen Amez became more known with the song "Never gonna fall in love again" which was included on the compilation entitled "The Real Sound of Chicago". In fact this song was released on Elsa Rella Records. The flip side is a wonderful "Love the day way". Also "Never gonna fall in love again" was released as a 12 incher on Elsa Records.
Carmen released and other rare singles such as "Slow down / Tonight" on Rella Records in 1979 and "The river must flow / Can't get you out of my mind" on Elsa Rella Records.

"The river must flow" was written by Gino Vannelli and released on his album in 1978 entitled "Brother to brother" on A&M Records. However the version of Carmen Amez is very good. Arranged by Bob Jenkins and Cliff Colnut. Produced by Elsa Rivera and Bob DiBenedetto.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Reva Jordan - Forever O Lord... Forever Yours 1986 Lp

Reva Jordan was born in 1932. She is an obscure female singer and songwriter of gospel music. She started to release records in the late 60s. However as songwriter she started to write songs in 1977.
She released her first album called "Let him in" in 1983 on Living Water Records. In 1986 she released one more album on the same label entitled "Forever O Lord...Forever Yours". It was recorded at Denton Studio, Van Nuys,California.

Most of the musicians were unknown. Greg Broadus, Leonard Caston, Gerald Lee, Michael McCurtis, LaMarco Nesbit, and Paul Sheldon on keyboards, Gerald Brown, Rommell Trotter and Jimmy Neuble on bass, Ron Brunner on drums, Jimmy Neuble, Randy Piggee and Jerry Williams on guitars.
Most of the songs were written by herself. Produced by herself. Strings arranged by Gary Lee and Gerald Lee. Conducted by Gary Lee. Some of the background vocalists were Carl Carwell, Leonard Caston, Carolyn Caston, Reva Jordan, Jeanette Williams, Michael McCurtis, Pamela Hutchinson, Harold Turner.
My favorite song is entitled "Reach out". Composed by Reva Jordan and Gerald Lee. Date of creation in 1984.

Also you can see here below video by Reva Jordan in an appearance on gospel-vibes show of Fitz Houston.

Note: The above posted track is not played in full

# I want to mention that Rommell Trotter composer, singer and bass player was also appeared on the album "Touch" by Signs & Wonders in 1984.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Serenade - La la for love 1987

Serenade was an obscure soul funk group. They started to record in the mid 80s and released some singles on Out Front Records and Phoenix Records. The group became more known with another single called "Maybe this time / Canteen" on Out Front Records. Also "Canteen" was included on Disco Compilation by Dimitri on Paris called "Cocktail Disco".
In 1987 they released a single on Phoenix Records from Chicago entitled "La la for love / I like the little boy in you". At that time the group probably recorded an album but I have never seen it.
Produced by legendary from Chicago Clarence Johnson. Clarence Johnson was known for many productions such as Patti and The Lovelites, Brighter Side of Darkness, Heaven and Earth, Coffee and Michigan Avenue.
I have chosen a soulful song "La la for love". It was written by Al Muldrow and Ray Chambers in 1984.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full.