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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Loyal Garner - Love me slowly

Some days ago I presented the song "Destiny". One of the versions was by Loyal Garner. Loyal Garner the "Lady of love" of Hawaii and twice honored as the "Na Hoku Hanohano" female vocalist of the year in 1982 and 1993 respectively.

She released a single entitled "Destiny / Love me slowly" probably in 1980 on Paradise Records. The flip side of a vinyl record is one of the best mid-tempo songs ever called "Love me slowly". It was written by Jeff Phillips.

Sample from 7 incher

"Destiny" and "Love me slowly"  were included on the self-titled album which released on the same label. It was recorded at Conway Studios in Hollywood. The musicians were Al Ciner and Tom Rotella on guitars, Bill Cuomo on keyboards, Carlos Vega on drums, Wayne Nelson on bass. Background vocals by Laura Creamer, Linda Dillard, Len Gale and Gino Cunico. Arrangements by Al Ciner, Frank Day and David Kauahikaua. Produced by Frank Day.

Sample from Lp

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

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