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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Buba and Bear - Maybe we could fall in love 1982

David Schindler has worked for over 30 years as a composer, orchestrator, piano and trumpet player. He has produced 25 albums and singles and is the author of over 100 published pop tunes. In 1981 David wrote and produced the JUNO nominated album "One Woman Show" for Rita Johns. The single "A Little Bit of Love" went top 10 in Canada which released as a 7 incher (short version) in 1980 on Jingle Machine Records.
I want to mention that eight months ago I was the first blogger in the world, who presented the fantastic song "A Little Bit Of Love" (long version) which was included on the album "One Woman Show" by Rita Johns.

A year later David Schindler and Rita Johns wrote a song entitled "Maybe we could fall in love" which was released on Jingle Machine Records (JMR) under the name Buba & Bear. It was recorded at Round Sound, Toronto. Produced and arranged by David Schindler. Female vocals by Rita Johns.

Note: The above posted mix-sample is not played in full. The quality of my vinyl is very bad. For this reason I did a mix-sample from both versions (Short and Long).

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MD said...

just randomly found this 45, put it on, and am geeking completely