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Monday, August 29, 2011

Steve Turner - Harbor place 1983 Lp

Steve Turner was an unknown saxophone and flute player from Baltimore. He began to sing in church and then became interested in the saxophone and flute. Steve began playing in various bands. Later he toured the states, Canada, Bermuda and Japan. In 1983 he released a debut album entitled "Harbor place" on Booman Records. This album bears the stamp of Julius Brockington. Julius Brockington is a keyboartist, composer and producer. He was more known with his albums in the early 70s "The Brockingtons", "Shophisticated Funk" and "The United Chair". All of these albums were released on Today Records. In the late 70s and early 80s he released some gospel albums under the name "Julius Brockington Ensemble".

This album was recorded at Sheffield Recording Studio, Phoenix, Maryland. The musicians were Ralph Fisher on drums, Rodney (Skeet) Curtis on bass, Timothy (Sharptar) Moore on guitar, Julius Brockington on fender rhodes,  Charles Covington on grand piano, Robert Dupree Hailey on percussion. Steve Turner on flute, alto and soprano sax, Save Smith on soprano sax, Jonathan Barnes on trumpet.
Horn arrangements by Julius Brockington. String arrangements by Charles Covington. Arrangements and executive produced by Julius Brockington. Produced by Boo Frazier.
I have chosen three (3) tracks entitled "Downtown", "Shante" and "Tai". Vocals on "Downtown" by Jeannie Harris.

In 2003 he released under the name Stephen Turner a CD album entitled "An Istrument" on Stephen Turner Records.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

Friday, August 26, 2011

Wanda Walden - Searchin' for love 1981 Lp

I wouldn't be able not to present this album. As I remember, I bought this album probably in 1995 in Athens. Immediately I recorded on cassette two songs from this album entitled "Searchin for love" and "Wanna love tonite". For some weeks I have been hearing this cassette every day. Outstanding songs.
In fact Wanda Walden was an unknown singer before this album. Most people believe that Wanda is sister of Narada Michael Walden. However, I read somewhere that she's the wife of Narada's brother.
Narada was the producer on the album entitled "Searchin for love" which was released in 1981 on Elektra Records.

Narada Michael Walden on drums and percussion, Randy Jackson on bass, Bob Castell on guitar, Frank Martin on keyboards and synthesizers, Mark Russo all saxophone solos. String arrangements by Michael Gibbs and Frank Martin. Produced and arranged by Narada.

Searchin for love: Music by Narada and lyrics by Narada and Allee Willis. Vocals by Wanda and Narada.

Wanna love you tonite: Music and lyrics by Ronnie Brown.

Wanda Walden after of this album released a single "I must be dreamin" on the same label in 1982. She collaborated with Randy Jackson. Wanda Walden and Randy Jackson wrote this song. Randy was also the producer.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Howard University Jazz Ensemble - Night Breeze 1977

Howard University Jazz Ensemble (HUJE) was founded in 1975 by its director, Fred Irby, III. Outstanding performances in the United States, Europe, South America, Asia, and the Caribbean have caused it to be recognized as one of the foremost college jazz ensembles. HUJE has been heard on radio and television as well as in concert, often appearing with celebrated performers. Members of the HUJE have won awards as performers and composers/arrangers, and the ensemble includes among its alumni several practicing jazz artists. Additionally, the HUJE was featured during the 1992, 1996 and 2005 Kennedy Center Honors Gala (CBS-TV).


HUJE has released albums every year from 1976 until today. Yes every year!!! From 1976 has released some specials jazz albums. I had the pleasure to buy one of them which was released on Mark Records in 1977. It was recorded on May 1 & 2, 1977 at Track Recorders, Inc. It is the second album in history of the band.

Arranged by Edwin Scott. Produced by the Division of Development and University Relations and the Department of Music. 
My favorite track is entitled "Night Breeze". Benjamin Sands on tenor saxophone and Geri Allen on keyboards.
This famous track was composed by Bobby Lyle which has been recorded from many artists. First recording by Ronnie Laws in 1976 at The Total Experience Recording Sudio.

This sample is Souldennis "Re-Edit"

Note: The above posted track is not played in full. Also this sample was created by Souldennis and was not included on this album. The album track is a bit different.

For more info about Howard University Jazz Ensemble you can see here

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