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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Rudy Pickering - Merry-Go-Round 1980

In fact my article should be for Arthur L.Woods and not for Rudy Pickering. Rudy Pickering was an unknown singer who released a single entitled "Merry-go-round / Everybody falls in love sometime" in 1980 on Music Master Records. This single was produced, arranged and conducted by Arthur L.Woods. Arthur L.Woods became known when he wrote along with Ron Kenoly the song "Lovely weekend" which was released as a single by Ron Kenoly and Candy on Inner City Records. "Lovely Weekend" single was a massive success selling close to 200,000 copies. Ron Kenoly also became known under the name Ron Keith.
Later Arthur L.Woods singed with the Music Master Records. He wrote songs for the label and collaborated with the group Korla with Klass that released a single entitled "Stop before you start". Arthur L.Woods was composer, arranger and producer.
Two years later he collaborated with Rudy Pickering. Arthur L.Woods wrote two songs for Rudy. 

Then Arthur collaborated as a pianist with artists like Cash McCall and Margie Evans. However at the same time the best collaboration of Arthur was when he collaborated with Lenard Lidell. Arthur wrote some fantastic songs and along with some of his old songs, Lenard Lidell released an EP entitled "Afternoon Affair" for Jara Records in 1983. Arthur L.Woods also was arranger and producer on this EP.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

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