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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Waymond Hall - (I Never Knew Love) Till I found You

Waymond Nathaniel Hall, Jr. was born in Houston, Texas on November 4, 1938. Waymond's family moved to California in 1943 and six years later he began to sing in church and at school. He enjoyed performing so much that he entered a talent show in 1952 and won 2nd place. Even though he won 2nd place, he was selected to appear on the Channel 7 television station in San Francisco.
For some years he played football and ran track. Later he became Track and Field coach and assistant football coach at Edison High School.
Waymond Hall as a singer became known with a song entitled "What will tomorrow bring" in the late 60s. It was released on JaMal Records. Waymond Hall also toured with the group the California Malibus performing throughout California. He graced the stage with many in the field of entertainment including: The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, The Stockton Talent Guild, Billy Preston, Johnny Taylor, Curtis Mayfield, The Whispers. He also was the pianist for Second Baptist Church.
In the late 70s he collaborated with the legendary H.B.Barnum. Waymond Hall released a single entitled "(I Never Knew Love) Till I found You / Dance,dance,dance" on JaMal Records. This single is one of the rarest. This single also is very expensive (about 800-900$). I don't know how many copies have released.

Both songs were written by Walter Johnson and H.B.Barnum. Executive produced by Waymond Hall and George Harrison. Produced by H.B.Barnum. Enjoy "(I never knew love) Till I found you".

I tried to come in contact with the legendary H.B.Barnum. H.B.Barnum told me that (Barnum and Walter Johnson) did several songs with Waymond. However I don't know if these songs have ever been released.

Sadly Waymond Hall passed away on September 16,2010.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full


Mickey Nold said...

First single was called "What Will Tomorrow Bring" not 'sing'. This also sells for $700-$800. Your Stepper is a nice find - Thanks!

Souldennis said...

Thank you very much Mr.Nold for your correction.

Danetra Moore said...

Hello, my name is Danetra Moore. Thank you so much for posting this.This was my grand-father. I feels so good to hear his voice. I am blessed to carry on his music legacy and will honor him. I hope that I will be able to remake this song and feature it on my album in honor of him.