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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Freddie Gorman - Love Has Seen Us Through 1980 (Long version)

I had the pleasure to present Freddie Gorman and this fantastic song four months ago. As I remember when I heard the song "Love has seen us through" on the forum "soul-source" some years ago, I said oh my god and I started listening to it non stop. I tried to find the long version of "Love has seen us through". Finally I managed to find it. It was released only by Rene Records in 1980. It was also included on the EP on Airwave Records which was released by Freddie Gorman under the name Freddie Gee.

There is a strange thing. Some guys pay $300 to buy this EP. Unbelievable !!! They don't know the real name of the artist. They think that he is an unknown artist.

Sample (Long version)

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

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