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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ira Watson - Shining Star 1982 Lp

All people know this singer mainly from the album "Shining Star". Ira Watson is a great talented musician and a multi-instrument player. How many people know that Ira Watson appeared in the mid 70s as bassist when he played for the group called Skip Mahoaney and the Casuals?
In 1974 Ira Watson participated on the album "Your funny moods" which was released on DC International Records. He also co-wrote a song "I'm looking away from my past". Two years later Ira also participated as a bassist on their second album entitled "Land of love" which was released on Abet Records.

At that time Ira Watson also played bass for the group called Exceptions from Washington. Member of this group was Mark Greene who previously was original member of the group The Moments. Exceptions recorded an album but unfortunately it was never released.
In 2007 Mark Greene released these songs on CD as "The Moments Featuring Mark Greene - Urban Legacy".

In the late 70s he played bass on the gospel album of Teddy Grover entitled "Standing on the promises".
It is worthy to note that Ira Watson was a member of the gospel band called Kenneth Copeland Band as bassist, guitarist, vocalist and producer for five years.

Ira Watson with Ronnie Pierce singer of gospel music
Keneth Copeland formed a label called Sozo Records in 1981. Next year Ira Watson released one and only album entitled "Shining Star".

This great album was recorded in different sound studios starting at the famous Sigma Sound Studios (Philadelphia,PA), Bias Recording Co (Springfield,VA), Central Sound Studios,Inc (Auburndale,FL), Sonrise Sound (Fort Worth, TX) and Cecca Sound Studios (Dallas,TX).
Great musicians participated such as the famous guitarist Norman Harris who was a founding member of MFSB, Hilton Felton keyboartist known from the 70s with his album entitled "Man for all reasons".  Harrold Sutton on keyboards, Tim Eyermann on saxophone.

I have already presented two albums of Tim Eyermann on my blog. I presented one year ago the self-titled album which was released in 1984 and the second album entitled "Walkin' with you" which was released in 1985. As far as Ira Watson's album, Tim Eyermann featured on all solo saxophones especially on the tracks "Are you runnin" and "You belong to me".
Also participated Don Renaldo on strings, Ricky Wellman who later was the last drummer in a Miles Davis Band. Johnny Ingram on drums who today is the lead singer of The New MFSB. Of course and many other artists participated, but it is worthy to mention that Ira Watson played bass, guitar, percussion and keyboards. Unbelievable !!! 
Backing vocals by Barbara Ingram with her cousins Evette Benton and Carla Benson. Produced by himself.

Are you runnin'(Sample)

Breakin' away (Sample)

"Breakin' away" was also released as a single on the same label in 1982.

Shinning star (Sample)

You belong to me (Sample)

Next year Ira Watson participated on the album "Living in your love" which was released by Cheryl Ingram on the same label (Sozo Records).

He co-wrote two songs with Cheryl Ingram entitled "Follow the light" and "What would I do". He also helped on rhythm arrangements. I presented this album six months ago.
The same year he collaborated again with Skip Mahoney. Ira Watson and Skip Mahoney wrote a song called "I love you so". Mahoney released a single entitled "I love you so / Power of the mind " on IP (International Productions) Records. The next years Watson and Mahoney continued to compose music.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

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