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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Montage - Project One 1978 Lp

Montage was an obscure jazz group from Wisconsin which was formed about in 1975. The group started to play at the local jazz nightclubs. In 1977 they had a prestigious collaboration with The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. They played in Jimmy Sardino's jazz club in the late 1977. It was then that they decided to record an album. For this reason, they came in contact with David Dillon who was a local investor, so as to back them financially. David Dillon wanted to help the group release an album but he also wanted to promote the group through jazz festivals. To prepare for the forthcoming album and tour, Montage strengthened with the guitarist John Zaffiro. Zafiro was an excellent addition. He played more into straight ahead jazz than jazz-rock. He joins keyboard player Tom Sandquist, sax player Bob Rebholz, drummer Paul Reedman, percussionist John Seydewitz, bassist Tom McGurr and vocalist Marcia Cunningham. 

The album is already in the making. Finally they released the debut album in 1978, but I don't know why at the last moment the bassist Tom McGurr was replaced by other bassist called Joe Dolister.
The members on the album were Tom Sandquist on piano, Bob Rebholz on sax and flute, John Zaffiro on guitar, Marcia Cunningham on vocals, Joe Dolister on bass, John Seydewitz on percussion and Paul Redmann on drums.
The album was recorded at Shade Tree Studios, Lake Geneva Wisconsin, May and July, 1978. They recorded one of the best soul jazz albums in my opinion.
In this album also participated Tom Baker, Rick Chitwood, Tom Schlueter on trumpets, Harry Kozlowski and Dave Ruck on trombones. Backing vocals by Judy Watermann and Suzanne Falcone. Produced by M.L.Productions.
I have chosen three tracks, two with vocals entitled "We weave a lullabye" , "Wonderfull love" and one instrumental entitled "Bahia honda". It is worthy to note that Marcia Cunningham has a fantastic voice. She was also a great composer because she wrote the songs "We weave a lullabye", "Just me" and "Wonderfull love". The music of "Wonderfull love" was co-written by guitarist John Zaffiro.

We weave a lullabye (sample)

Wonderfull love (sample)

Bahia honda (sample)

After that album three members left the group and tried to follow a new musical direction with a group called Rainbow's End. Guitarist John Zaffiro, singer Marcia Cunningham and drummer Paul Redmann were the musical "refugees" in this new band which appeared at Sardino's Bull Ring Ltd. Since Zaffiro and Cunningham left Montage, they were replaced by guitarist John Northurp and vocalist Pam Duronio.

Cunningham and Zaffiro continued with Rainbow's End. The group performed throughout the Milwaukee and Mid West at venues such as Summerfest, Rainbow Summer, Jazz in the Park and various Night Clubs and Private Events. In the mid 1990’s the group became known as the rbe Jazz Quartet and was a regular performer at the Red Mill East and Red Mill Jazz Club.
Today two members of the group Montage, guitarist John Zaffiro and percussionist John Seydewitz play for the band called George Busateri Band from Milwaukee.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

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