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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Skyliners - Self Titled 1978 Lp

The Skyliners were formed in the late 50s from two other groups from Pittsburgh. Jimmy Beaumont, Wally Lester and Jackie Taylor had sung with the Crescents, while Janet Vogel and Joe VerScharen were formerly of the El Rios. The Skyliners were best known for their 1959 hit "Since I Don't Have You". Over the years they have changed some members. Since 1958 they have released several singles and a few albums. In 1978 they released a self-titled album on Tortoise International Records, subsidiary of the RCA Records.

At that time the members of the group were Jimmy Beaumont, Janet Vogel Rapp, Jimmie Ross and Bobby Sholes. They collaborated with the producer Don Davis from Detroit who had previously produced Marilynn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr., Johnny Taylor, the Dramatics, and the Dells.
The album was recorded at United Sound Systems, Detroit, Michigan.
I have chosen a great song entitled "The Love Bug (Done bit me again)". All the songs of the album were produced by Don Davis except this song which was produced by Tony Hester. Arranged by Rudy Robinson and Johnny Allen. Composed by Tony Hester.
I want to note that this song released as 7 incher and 12 incher respectively on Tortoise International Records in 1978.

After this album Jimmie Ross along with Cathy Cooper released an album entitled "Bottom line" in 1982 on MCA Records. This album I presented on my blog about two years ago.

Today, Jimmy Beaumont still performs with The Skyliners in their current lineup of Nick Pociask, Rick Morris, and Donna Groom (whose husband, Mark Groom, has been the group's drummer/conductor for more than 25 years). Two of the original members have died: Janet Vogel (suicide) in 1980 (age 37), and Joe Verscharen of cancer in 2007 (age 67).

Note: The above posted track is not played in full

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Harold is back on vinyl

Ladies and gentlemen, I have the pleasure to announce that Borka Records and Harold re-released "In The Cool Of The Night / Shortage of love" in December 2011. This single was originally released in late 1982 on Je-Har Records and soon became pick hit of the week in Billboard Magazine in early ‘83.
Two years ago I presented Harold on my blog. I was fortunate to speak with him. Harold is a singer, musician, composer and co-owner of Je-Har Records from Milwaukee. Harold's career as a crossover balladeer has spanned over 30 years. A popularly featured artist in Milwaukee's leading entertainment venues, including the famous Cotton Club, from the late '70s to '90s.

Harold in the summer 1982 recorded the songs "In The Cool Of The Night" and "Shortage of love" at Cornerstone Recording Studio, Milwaukee. The musicians were Johnnie Mills on guitar, Tommy Ford on bass, Wareen (Vito) Wiegartz on sax, Michael Resse on keyboards and Leonard Washington on drums. Backing vocals by Charity Marie, Cora Kemp and Taneka. All music written, produced and arranged by Harold.

Harold returned to discography releasing a CD entitled "For the love of a woman" on his own label called Harold in 2009. And of course he will never stop composing and singing music.

However, I want to note that one special moment of Harold's career was the participation in the group called The Perfections. They were young teenagers and Harold was 15 years old. The Perfections was born during  1971Members of the group were HaroldWilliam FlakesDarrell Bates and Claxton Winters. They have been rehearsing in his parents basement every day. They formed a promising group but it seemed they weren't able to find a trustworthy manager. At that time many articles were written for their choreography Perfections'. It was Harold, who undertook the responsibility of the choreography.
The Perfections released one and only single entitled "Till I get home / Can this be real" on Calgar Records in 1978. 

The musicians were J.C.Mabone on guitar, Coley Jackson on drums, Steve Williams on bass. The horn arrangements were done by a guy out of Chicago who went by the name of Tom Tom 84. The guy who produced it was the owner of Calgar Records named Cal Monegar. A guy by the name of Gerald Armstead wrote "Till I Get Home", William Flakes wrote "Can This Be Real", he was the 1st Tenor. 

"Till I get home" (sample)

"Can this be real" (Sample)

Many dissapointments resulted in the group being disbanded. Harold went solo in 1979.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

Everyone who is interested in the vinyl, can come in contact with Borka Records (

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gary Wilson - Cornerstone 1983 Lp

Gary Wilson was born in 1951 and was raised in Denver Colorado. He grew up with 3 members of Earth, Wind and Fire: Phillip Bailey, Andrew Woolfolk, and Larry Dunn. He has been singer in the Mid-West for most of his life. He began singing as a child in church and school choirs. His first band was called the Citations and they performed at talent shows and school dances. In 1973 he joined the group called "Energy". This group was formed by guitarist Tommy Bolin. In the mid 70’s Gary moved to L.A. under the guidance of music management of Alan Goda and Debbie Burnett to pursue his music career. He returned to Boulder in order to write and record with Gerard McMahon at Caribou Ranch.
He joined the latin funk band called "Santiago" as lead singer. This band was formed by the drummer Nefty Santiago who was the original member of the group Mandrill. In the continued Gary Wilson along with Billy Bass Nelson and Charles Watson formed the group Majique in Canada. They released an album on Big Tree Records.
In 1979 he collaborated with Wilson Pickett as backing vocalist on the Wilson Pickett's album "I want you" on EMI Records.
In 1983 he released an independent album entitled "Cornerstone" on BridgeFire Music.

Cornerstone” was voted as “Best Album” locally in the Denver Post and the Westward newspaper polls. The album was recorded at Salem Studios by Jay Salem. All music and lyrics were written, arranged and produced by Gary Wilson. Except the song "Goodbye my love" which was arranged and produced by Chris Lege. Lyrics was written by Chris Lege, P.K.Lege and Gary Wilson. Music was written by Chris Lege. Almost all the musicians were unknown.
The musicians on the song "Goodbye my love" were Geoffry Ortega on drums, P.K.Lege on bass, Efren "Oso" Olvera on guitar, Chris Lege on piano, percussion and trombone, Gary Sosias on congas, Forrest Means on trumpet and flugelhorn, Byron Lingenfelter on trumpet and flugelhorn, Richard Cimeno on trombone  and Steve Watts on solo sax.

After this album Gary Wilson collaborated with producer Dik Darnell. Dik Darnell started a new label called Urban Sound Records and Gary signed to a recording contract. Later Gary Wilson, Wally Winzer and the bass, guitar player Rusty Allen member of the famous group Sly and The Family Stone formed a group called DAHOOK. In the continued Gary recorded several albums with Tim Duffy, the All Stars and an album with Chester Owens.

A big surprise for me was when I discovered that Gary Wilson has released an album CD in 2008 on BridgeFire Music. In this album participate "Oso" Olvera on guitar, strings, flute and horns, Kim Stone on bass, Larry Thompson on drums, Chester Owens on guitar, Rustee or Rusty Allen on bass, Wally Winzer on drums and keyboards, Brian Hunter on guitar, L.C.Copeland on percussion and finally Bob Redholtz on saxophone. Vocals by Coco Brown. Backing vocals by Sheryl Renee, Bonnie Boyer, Robert Johnson, Suzie Nelson and Sam Bruton.
I have chosen a great song entitled "Dancing with the moon".

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

Friday, January 6, 2012

F.O.J. - Refiner's Fire 1979 Lp

Friends Of Jesus (F.O.J) was an obscure group of Christian Contemporary Music from Ohio which probably has released three albums. The debut self-titled album was released in 1976 on Pinebrook Records. The second album entitled "For the children" was released in 1978 on F.O.J Records. The third album entitled "Refiner's Fire" was released on F.O.J. Records in 1979.
The last album was recorded at Hedden West Studios, Schamberg, Illinois. At that time the members of the group were Phil Wallace on lead vocals and production, Don Rogers on lead vocals, Chuck Fry on lead vocals, Kelly Wallace on lead vocals, Rick Eberst on lead vocals, piano, percussion, Kurt Smith on guitar and percussion, Kevin Lindberg on bass, guitar, percussion and trombone, Mike Wallace on drums, Paul Thompson on trumpet and flugel horn, Spence Rowland on trumpet and flugel horn, Billy Schultz and Dan Hone on vocals. 
Steve Shafer also participated on drums, piano, percussion and synthesizer, Jeff Rowe on acoustic guitar, Don Shelton on saxophone, Gary Matts on percussion. Produced by Steve Shafer and Phil Wallace. Vocal arrangements by Phil Wallace. Music arrangements by Rick Eberst, Kurt Smith and Kevin Lindberg.

I have chosen two great songs entitled "All my love, all my life" and "Sonlight". Enjoy !!! 

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mix Samples-Show 01-01-2012 by Souldennis

I decided to present a special mix samples show. First of all, I want to thank Nicolas Drosos who brought to my attention the album of Ahmad Jamal several years ago. I also want to thank "BoogiE" from France who brought to my attention the album of Bobby Curtis.

I wish all my visitors a Happy New Year. Enjoy !!! 

1. Ahmad Jamal - Bad times (theme from defiance) 1980 (Motown Lp)
2. Joe Casey and Fresh Heir - Let me hold you  (
GMI 45")
3. Jesse Davis - Never could have made it 1979 (
 Essence Lp)
4. Ronnie LaShannon - Where has our love gone 1976 (Long Version) (Brunswick 45")
5. Bobby Curtis - Bitter with the better 1986 (
B&P Ep)
6. Sir James Randolph - Pure Love 1981 (
AllGem Lp)
7. The Ray Camacho Band - New York (
California Artists Lp)
8. Ron Holmes - You are the girl 1978 (
Unissued Test Press 45")
9. Ernie Fields - Can't we try (
Crush Music Co Lp)
10. Vicki Lawrence - Never gonna let you go 1979 (
WindMill Lp)
11. Stallion - Ain't no way 1981 (KG  45")
12. Ceasar Elloie - More than yesterday 2010 (Number Three Turbine CD)
13. Keith White - Love is not always forever (Lady M 45")
14. Bobby Love - NOLA my home 2010 (Sound Of New Orleans CD)

Wishes from my friend Ceasar Elloie for a Happy New Year.