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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dick Pierson - At my worst you found me

Dick Pierson was an unknown gospel singer who was a member of the vocal group called The Vanguards.  The Vanguards became known with the hit single "Somebody please" which was released in the late 60s. In the early 80s, Dick Pierson released a single entitled "At my worst you found me / Rise again" on Gospel Creation Enterprise, probably in 1981. Both of these songs were recorded at Soundsmith Recorders Indianapolis. In 1978 Mark and Wanda Dodd formed Soundsmith Recordings.

The musicians who appeared on these recordings were Larry Sauer on drums, Steve Dokken on bass, Rex Thomas on guitar, Pete Schmutte on piano, Jeff Lantz on synthesizers, Larry Wiseman on trumpet, Jim Beckel on trombone, Jerry Montgomery on french horn and Greg Imboden on harp.
I have chosen "At my worst you found me" which was first recorded by Dallas Holm in 1978. Arranged by Greg Imboden. Produced by Dick Pierson.

 Note: The above posted single is not played in full

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Saint Charles - Rock me in your arms 1976

Saint Charles Thurman was born in 1950. He is a singer, songwriter, arranger and producer. He is CEO and founder of Solar Music Group. He has released some singles in his career. One of them was released under the name "Chucky Thurmon" on Thurmoe Blast Records out of Vallejo. This single entitled "Turn it over / Tickets for doomsday" was released in 1972. This record was sold the last summer for $2658.
In 1976 he released another single under the name "Saint Charles" entitled  "Rock me in your arms / Thank you for the party" on Rowena Records.

My favorite song is "Rock me in your arms". This song was written by himself. Arranged by himself and Bob Berry. Produced by Gradie O'Neal owner of Rowena Records.

The other side "Thank you for the party" is a funky song.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

Friday, March 16, 2012

Karin Jones - Under the influence of love 1982 Lp

I was fortunate when I found this album in Greece for 3 euro in about 1995-6. Yes, I had bought it for about 3 euro (or 1000 drachmas). As I remember I bought it in Athens between Solonos Street and Skoufa Street. It was a small shop that was selling vinyls.
Some months later I discovered that this album was very expensive because I was receiving lists from the  England shop called "Soul Brother Records".

I want to note that I'm the first man in the world who presents a rare biography of Karin Jones which until nowadays never came out on the public.

Karin Jones was born and raised in Philadelphia. She took her first musical steps singing in church. She was gifted with an extremely talented ear, she was an accomplished pianist, percussionist and drummer, mostly developed without formal training.
She was in pre-teens when she and her two older sisters were formed a group called The Jonesettes. The group was managed by their father. They released a single entitled "Once I had love / Stop look listen" on Cougar Records in 1969. At that time they participated on the black gospel album called "Rev. Arvetra Jones and The Jonesettes" on HSE Records.
The next years, while attending Overbrook High School in Philadelphia, Karin worked in a local club as well as in a theater circuit.
In 1976 friends of Stevie Wonder told her that Marvin Gaye was looking for backing singers for a record and tour. Karin went and did audition. Finally she signed and recorded the "Got to give it up". Later she was part of the London Palladium tour with Marvin Gaye. Before, during and after the tour, Karin Jones did session work for Jobete Records. It is worthy to note that the live album of Marvin Gaye "Live at the London Palladium" doesn't mention anything on the back cover about Karin Jones.
She was brought to the attention of Teddy Pendergrass, who was very enthousiastic about her musical style, and signed with him for management in 1979, but with Teddy's own frantic schedule, the arrangement dissolved a year later.
At a convention of the Black Music Association in Philadelphia, Karin was met with Jim Tyrrell, who at the time was establishing his own label, T-Electric. Karin signed with T.Electric Records and recorded an album in 1980. However the album was never released because the label run out of money. However Karin Jones participated as a backing singer on the album of Patryce Choc'let Banks called "She's back and ready" on the same label in 1980.
The album sat on the shelf for two years until Jim Tyrrell brought it to Ron Alexenburg who was president of Handshake Records.
Alexenburg heard the album and liked it. Then Karin Jones signed with the label and "Under the influence of love" was released on the market-place.

It was a great album which was recorded at Sigma Sound, New York and Counterpoint Studio, New York.  Karin Jones collaborated with O'Jays and the Eddie Levert's voice that everyone can understand it.
The album was produced by Howard King & Ed Moore, Jim Tyrrell, Eddie Levert & Dennis Williams, Bruce Hawes. Arranged by Dennis Williams & Dunn Pearson Jr.
My favorite tracks are "Under the influnced of love", "Last night in my dreams" and "Ready, ready love"

After this release, I can't understand why Karin was lost from the music scene.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Billy Hinton Memories

William (Billy) Hinton was born on January 28, 1950 in Chicago, Illinois from Johnnie and Patti Hinton. He graduated from Parker High School, he voluntarily enlisted in the US Navy (1968-1971). He received training in the martial arts when he served in the US military. Since 1967 the martial arts were his life. He became known as an athlete as well as an instructor. He practiced martial arts for over forty years. He earned placement on four US National Karate Teams in 1983, 1984, 1988, and 1989.
Except for martial arts Billy Hinton had a passion for music. In 1973, he formed a singing group called Biege. Later he founded a record label "Loretta Records". On Loretta Records some singles were released under the name Cold T, but I don't know if Billy Hinton used this name for himself or it was another artist.
In 1981 he released an album entitled "Dawn Of Beige" with his group Beige on his own label. Most of the songs of the album are funky.

The album was recorded at Hedden West Recording Studios, Schaumburg, III and at Sky Hero Productions, Chicago. The album was produced by himself. Arranged by Frank Derrick Jr.

Next year he released one more funk album with his group Beige entitled "Lightning Strikes Twice" on Loretta Records. It was recorded at Sky Hero Productions, Chicago and Paragon Recording Studios, Chicago. For one more time the album was arranged by Frank Derrick Jr. except the track "Don't you know heart" which was arranged by guitarist Keith Henderson.
In 1983 he released a single entitled "A Challenge / Give her up". This single was released on his own label under the name Beige featuring Maxine Gardner. The song was penned by himself and Keith Henderson. It was produced by himself and Arturio Hinton. Nowadays this record is an ultra rare.

A year later, he released an album entitled "Hard and soft" on Loretta Records. It is the first time he released a record with his own name, as Billy Hinton.

The musicians were Charles Hosch on bass, Donzell Davis on drums, Keith Henderson and Abdul Hakeem on guitars, Ralph Evans on piano, Benny Brown on organ, Frankie Hill on sax. Backing vocals Shawn Christopher, Nanette Frank, Maxine Gardner, Billy Hinton, Diane Madison and Robin Robinson. For this album to be recorded five studios were used in Chicago. It was produced by himself. Arranged by Frank Derrick Jr. and Keith Henderson.
This album became known mostly with the song "A Challenge". However as I told you previously, the song "A Challenge" was released as a single by his own group called Beige. This song was sang by Maxine Gardner and was included on the CD entitled "The Real Sound of Chicago" which was released in 2010.

The same year he released a single entitled "Holiday" on Loretta Records. It was recorded at Star Trax Studios, Chicago. However this song was not included on the album "Hard and soft". The label mentions that this song is included on the album called "Wolf". Nonetheless, I have never seen this album.

This song was composed by himself. Produced and arranged by Osee Anderson. Billy Hinton just helped on production.

Many years have passed until he released an album. In decade 2000 he released 4 albums CD entitled "Billy Hinton Posting 9, Extending, Waiting for Zorro, and the California Years".
I want to note that he has composed over one hundred songs. He also was an author and has written four books. Sadly he passed away on May 2009.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Muglestons - The Muglestons 1977 Lp

The Muglestons was a five-member family group which appeared in various places with artists such as Frank Sinatra, Pat Henry, Judy Lynn, Barbara Mandrell, Bob Hope and Charlie Rich. It has also appeared on the "Merv Griffin Show". In addition,  it was possibly one of the first musical groups to perform on Dick Clark's "American Bandstand" without a recording. The group has started singing together since the late 60s. They consisted by the brothers and sister Bob, Blaine, Troy, Lance and Desiree. In the mid 70s the group signed with the Mike Curb's label, called AOA. In 1977 the group released an album on ECI (Entertainment Consultants International).

The group sold nearly 2000 copies. The album was produced by Darwin Lamm. Arranged by Ken Harrison. Vocal arranged by Desiree Mugleston.
I have chosen a great song entitled "Do me wrong but do me". This song was written by Alan O'Day. This song has been performed from many famous artists like Johnny Mathis, Jack Jones, Mel Carter. Probably original recording by Laura Yager in 1974 on Ovation Records.

The group continued appearing in various shows like People Against Child Abuse (PACA) in the early 80s.

Note: The above posted track is not played in full