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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Quiet Fire - I've got everything I need 1979

Quiet Fire was an obscure group from San Diego. The lead singer of the group was Willie Steel. Another member of the group was Bobby Turner.
The group released two singles. The first single entitled "Lost (without your love) / Your kind of love" in 1977. It was released on The Hit Machine Records from San Diego.

"Lost (without your love)" was written by Willie Steel. It was produced by Willie Steel and Marty Kuritz. Enjoy this rarity.

The second single entitled "It's a holiday / I've got everything I need" was released on RCA Records in 1979 as a 12 incher. I bought this record for the fantastic song "I've got everything I need". This song was written by David Sanchez and Marty Kuritz. Marty Kuritz was also co-writer on "Lost (without your love)". Produced and arranged by Clarence K. McDonald.

The group collaborated with the songwriters Marty Kuritz and the late David Sanchez for many years. I had the pleasure to speak with Marty Kuritz. Kuritz and Sanchez have written several songs for Quiet Fire. However some songs were recorded under the direction of Clarence McDonald.

I want to thank the great, producer, songwriter, arranger and pianist Clarence McDonald who helped me to find Willie Steel lead singer of the Quiet Fire.
Finally, when I was looking for info about the group Quiet Fire, I found some groups with the same name from mid 70s to 90s.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

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