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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Arthur Prysock - Goldmine 1981

What an unbelievable surprise! I love it, I love it. This article is a big surprise for all those who think that they know all about soul music.
I always believed that Arthur Prysock had recorded something rare and very nice after the albums in the late 70s. So, I discovered this single entitled "Goldmine / My song of love" on Old Town Records. It was released in 1981. In fact it is the last one 45" of Arthur's career.

My promo copy contains the same song on both sides. Enjoy this marvelous song.

Note: This single is not played in full


Nicolas Drosos said...

One of the most remarkable finds ever appeared on Soul Blogs!!! Timeless melody from a legendary artist. Keep up the good work.

BoogiE said...

Hello my friend , great music ! aie ! aie ! aie ! my ears ;) @+