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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gene Chandler - Please you tonight 1986

While I was thinking of what I can present, I decided to write an article that it is not rare but it is very interesting. All the fans of soul music know the great Gene Chandler. I could speak many days for him. However I suggest you to see about him in wikipedia.
Although the song "Please you tonight" is not one of my favorites, it is very nice. In fact this song is the flip-side of "Lucy". It was released as a single entitled "Lucy / Please you tonight" on FastFire Records in 1986. Both of these songs were included on the album "Your love looks good on me" which was released on the same label a year ago.

The song "Please you tonight" was written by Donald Burnside and Gerald Cooper. Produced by Donald Burnside, Gerald Cooper and Gene Chandler.
Backing vocals by Diane Madison, Donald Burnside, Shawn Christopher, Theresa Davis and Yvonne Gage.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thomas Moore - Fallin so in love with you 1982

Charlotte’s Dr. Thomas Moore is nationally recognized as an early childhood consultant, keynote speaker, workshop leader, and children’s recording artist. A graduate of Johnson C. Smith University, he has a Bachelor of Music degree from the Manhattan School of Music and a Masters and PhD in early childhood education from Indiana State University. He has given more than 800 lectures and workshops in the US and abroad. Truly one of the Charlotte, NC’s ambassadors to the world, Dr. Moore creates learning experiences that educate and encourage teachers. His ten recordings for children are used in classrooms and homes nationwide. He has given a solo voice recital at Carnegie Hall, hosted a children’s TV show, taught preschool, directed a children’s choir, and composed two symphony pieces for children. Dr. Moore has received The Order of the Long Leaf Pine, North Carolina’s highest civilian honor for his work with children. He is currently Associate Professor of Elementary and Early Childhood Education at Benedict College in Columbia, SC.
As a singer Thomas Moore collaborated with the great producer and songwriter Bill Bradford. In 1979 Bill Bradford with Sandy Bell founded a label called Spirit Records in Charlotte, NC. The label would serve as the vehicle for their songwriting and production. Both Bradford and Bell had grown up with strong influences of rhythm & blues and soul music. In the same year Bradford and Bell released a single entitled "(They call it) Mr Dollar's". It was the first release for Spirit Records.
In 1982 Thomas Moore released a single entitled "Fallin so in love with you / I can't stay away from you" on Spirit Records. Both of these songs were written by Bill Bradford. Produced by Bill Bradford and Sandy Bell.

I chose "Fallin so in love with you". Enjoy it.

It was the only record cut on him, as he was a young man with a major career in education ahead of him. Out of this session came “Fallin’ So In Love With You” which quickly charted Adult Contemporary, R&B, and Urban on dozens of southeastern US stations. The record got some radio play, but for some reason went largely undiscovered.

It is worthy to note that Debby Dobbins a year later, re-recorded and released “Fallin’ So In Love With You” as a single on the same label. Debby Dobbins one of the top Charlotte's vocalists, began to record on Spirit Records in 1980.

Newly re-mixed and re-mastered in 2012, it now appears again on the recently released Queen City Soul CD available on iTunes and CDBaby. For more info about Spirit Records you can see here.

I want to thank Bill Bradford for all his info.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pauls People feat.Arta Abele - Summer fun

I have been looking for this record, if I remember right since 2009. Finally I was lucky and I found it. Pauls People was an obscure group from Canada. They released a few disco singles in various labels from Canada. One of them was released under the name Pauls People featuring Arta Abele entitled "I want you boy / Summer fun" in Blue Chip Records. It also entered on Canada charts in the late 1979. It was recorded at Zaza Sound Toronto, probably in 1979 and it was released in the same year as a single. It was produced by the great Paul Zaza.
Paul Zaza is a versatile composer who has over 175 feature films and television series.
I have chosen the B side entitled "Summer fun" and was written by Doug Wass. Enjoy it

Note: The above posted single is not played in full