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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Longo Brothers - The Nightlife 1984

I had the opportunity two times ago to present the group from Canada called The Longo Brothers. The first time I presented the single "Looking for love / Sun side up" which was released in 1978 on People City Music and the second time the single "Manhattan / Nightwalk" which was released in 1983 on the same label.
Last month, I discovered an article about The Longo Brothers which will be a surprise for all the fans of soul music. I have been looking for it for about two months, until I managed to find it.
However all my visitors must wait a week, because today I'm presenting another single by Longo Brothers entitled "The Nightlife / Coast to coast". It was released on People City Music in 1984. "The Nightlife" is a beauriful AOR mid-tempo. This song was performed by Wayne St.John from Canada. Wayne St.John was known from the 70s, mainly when he sang for the disco group called THP Orchestra in 1976.
"The Nightlife" was written by Frank Longo, Dino Longo and Larry Longo. Produced by The Longo Brothers. Backing vocals by Lisa Dalbello and Jill Vogel.

The flip side is a nice dance instrumental entitled "Coast to coast". It was written by Frank Longo and Larry Longo.

Next week you will see a surprise about The Longo Brothers.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Brothers by Choice - Oh Darlin' 1979

Brothers by Choice was a soul/funk group who started in the early 70s. I want to note that some bloggers wrote that Brothers by Choice started under the name The Gliders. I'm not sure for that because The Gliders released a single entitled "No time / Lonely cities & one way streets" in 1974 on Alva Records, while Brothers by Choice released a deput single "You think that I'm a fool / Can't you see" on Calgar Records in 1973.
Billboard also mentions at that time about The Gliders that they were four members, but it doesn't mention anything about Brothers by Choice. The only connection between the groups was the producer Eddie J.Gurren. E.J.Gurren was producer on the single "No time". E.J.Gurren was also producer and songwriter on Brothers by Choice.

It is very difficult for someone to find info about the members of the group. Probably there are two groups with the same name. However the members of the group which released a single "You think that I'm a fool / Can't you see" on Calgar Records in 1973, were the brothers Clarence "Cijo" McGee, Boss McGee and Larry McGee alongside with Robert Gardner. The group was previously formed in 1970 by Tom Burke, Robert Gardner, Clarence McGee and David Bursey. All of these performed in Los Angeles. After a period of three years with no success, they returned to their native Milwaukee. Tom Burke remained in Los Angeles. So Clarence McGee re-formed the group with his brothers.

Brothers by Choice released a few singles which entered on the R&B charts. Some of them were "She puts the ease back into easy" that reached #79 on billboards R&B chart in 1978, "Baby you really got me going" reached #51 in 1979, "Oh darlin" reached #39 in 1980 and finally "How much I feel" reached #87 in 1980.
In my opinion the best song is "Oh darlin" which was written and produced by Barnett Williams and Eddie J.Gurren. It was released on Ala Records in the late of 1979.

The group also released one and only album in 1978 on Ala Records. The album doesn't mention any title on the front cover. However on the label of the vinyl, it is mentioned "She puts the ease back into easy".

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Roy Ayers Live in Athens 2013

The day before yesterday, I had the opportunity to see for the first time in my life, Roy Ayers live. I think this event was the best moment in my life. Although Roy Ayers is 72 years old, he was fantastic and unbelievably very good. He made along with his band the whole club dance in every moment. It was a great night. The band was Roy Ayers on vibraphone and vocals, Mark Adams on keyboards, John Pressley on vocals and percussion, Donald Nicks on bass and Troy Miller on drums. I believe the thing that was missing from this night was a saxophone player.
However, I was impressed by the voice of John Pressley. He is a fantastic singer. His voice reminds me the voice of Philip Bailey. The following is a video that I shot at that night.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

John Rowles - Rhythm of the city 1980

Although my article is about John Rowles and the album "Rhythm of the city", I must mention some words about my favorite composers, H.B.Barnum and Walter Johnson.

Since a long time ago, I have been collecting vinyls which include songs that were written by H.B.Barnum and Walter Johnson. Some of them are O.C.Smith album of 1982, Louis Dyer 45"Waymond Hall 45", Maurice Davis 45" and John Rowles album of 1980. Of course there are more records either rare or not  in which H.B.Barnum and Walter Johnson are composers.

John Rowles was born on 26th March 1947 in Whatakane and raised in Kawerau in the Bay of Plenty. He started to sing at the age of ten years old. At the age of 16 years old, he started to play guitar at a club.  John's first release as a solo singer was released in 1966. Later he tried to enter in the British market. The first release in England was released in 1968.
In the early 70s he also toured in various countries such as Germany and Spain and sang in several hotels across the USA. He released many albums and singles in his career. However I will focus in the album "Rhythm of the city"  which was released on Paradise Productions in 1980. This album was produced by the great H.B.Barnum.

It was recorded at Barnum Recording Studio, Hollywood, California. Walter Johnson was accociate producer. Apart from Billie Barnum, Sara Kane and Pat Henderson who were backing vocalists, the album doesn't mention the musicians that participated on the album.
H.B.Barnum and Walter Johnson wrote five out of the eight songs of the album. I have chosen three songs entitled "I"ll live without love" , "You and I" and "Beautiful lady".

First of all, I want to thank Walter Johnson for all the kind comments to me. Finally, I dedicate to him the song "Rhythm of the city".

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

Friday, January 4, 2013

The New Image - Leave it all behind you 1980

I have been collecting vinyls for about 20 years. All of these years, I have seen a few singles under the name The New Image or New Image. I don't know if it is the same group or different groups. I remember when I discovered the single entitled "Leave it all behind you" two years ago on ebay. I was impressed at the beginning, hearing the song. After the first time that I heard it, I started to lose my enthusiasm. Of course it is a great sound. This single was released on Sunrise Records under the name "The New Image" in 1980. The song "Leave it all behind you" was written by Charles Cimino. It was recorded at Minot Sound, White Plains, New York. Produced by Charles and Angelo Cimino. Arranged by Carmen Mastren.

 Note: The above posted single is not played in full

Tuesday, January 1, 2013