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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Brothers by Choice - Oh Darlin' 1979

Brothers by Choice was a soul/funk group who started in the early 70s. I want to note that some bloggers wrote that Brothers by Choice started under the name The Gliders. I'm not sure for that because The Gliders released a single entitled "No time / Lonely cities & one way streets" in 1974 on Alva Records, while Brothers by Choice released a deput single "You think that I'm a fool / Can't you see" on Calgar Records in 1973.
Billboard also mentions at that time about The Gliders that they were four members, but it doesn't mention anything about Brothers by Choice. The only connection between the groups was the producer Eddie J.Gurren. E.J.Gurren was producer on the single "No time". E.J.Gurren was also producer and songwriter on Brothers by Choice.

It is very difficult for someone to find info about the members of the group. Probably there are two groups with the same name. However the members of the group which released a single "You think that I'm a fool / Can't you see" on Calgar Records in 1973, were the brothers Clarence "Cijo" McGee, Boss McGee and Larry McGee alongside with Robert Gardner. The group was previously formed in 1970 by Tom Burke, Robert Gardner, Clarence McGee and David Bursey. All of these performed in Los Angeles. After a period of three years with no success, they returned to their native Milwaukee. Tom Burke remained in Los Angeles. So Clarence McGee re-formed the group with his brothers.

Brothers by Choice released a few singles which entered on the R&B charts. Some of them were "She puts the ease back into easy" that reached #79 on billboards R&B chart in 1978, "Baby you really got me going" reached #51 in 1979, "Oh darlin" reached #39 in 1980 and finally "How much I feel" reached #87 in 1980.
In my opinion the best song is "Oh darlin" which was written and produced by Barnett Williams and Eddie J.Gurren. It was released on Ala Records in the late of 1979.

The group also released one and only album in 1978 on Ala Records. The album doesn't mention any title on the front cover. However on the label of the vinyl, it is mentioned "She puts the ease back into easy".

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

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