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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Patti Jannetta - (Self-titled) Lp 1981


As I told you a week ago, today I will present you a surprise about The Longo Brothers. This time The Longo Brothers will be as producers and composers. This article is a great discovery by me. I have been looking for it for about two months. I had the opportunity to hear the song "Don't change", but I knew only the composers. This great song was written by Frank and Larry Longo. However I did not know the female singer. So I started to look for info about the singer. Finally I  found it a month ago. It was the singer from Canada called Patti Jannetta.

She is a singer, actor, songwriter and humanitarian. She has recorded three albums in her career. Patti was discovered while attending school in Toronto, becoming a teen actor in the Canadian production of Jesus Christ Superstar.
In 1981 she released her debut album on Janta Records, under the direction of the Longo Brothers. She was also helped by Paul Zaza.

This album was recorded at Paul Zaza's studios called Zaza Sound Productions, Toronto. Participated in this album the musicians Paul Zaza on keyboards, Peter Cardinelli on bass, Brian Russell and Mike McDonald on guitars, John Anderson on drums, Dick Smith, Paul Zaza, and The Longo Brothers on percussion,  Moe Koffman on alto sax. Backing vocals by Stephanie Taylor, Debbie Fleming, Bill Misener and Paul Booth.
Produced by Frank and Larry Longo. Arranged and associate produced by Paul Zaza. Horns and strings arranged by Paul Zaza. All the songs were penned by Frank Longo and Larry Longo ecxept the song "My guy". I have chosen three tracks entitled "Take your time", "Don't change" and "I'm ready for your love".

After this album Patti had the opportunity to collaborate with many great talents including the legendary Bo Diddley. They co-wrote "Make Up Your Mind" which was released internationally, and featured in the movie sound track of "Meatballs III". Later she released two pop albums under the name Jannetta entitled "Breathless" in 1988 and "Mark on my heart" in 1991. Later she co-wrote the song "Tell me you love me" along with Carol Medina and James Collins which was released by Carol Medina on Quality Records. This single sold over one million units. Recently the song "I want your everlasting love" which was included on the self-titled album in 1981, was included in the film "Headcase".

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

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