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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Star Fire & The Atkins All Stars - Oh baby 1981


This record is one of my favorites. If I remember right, I saw it for first time on ebay in 2005. Then I was always trying to find it without any success. In the late 2009 I bought it. However, my copy is not very good. I could not play the flip-side, the instrumental version. 
In this label called Atkins All-Stars Recording only a few singles have been released. It is worthy to note that about two years ago, I presented a rare record by Joseph Stubbs on the same label. Joseph Stubbs was the younger brother of Levi Stubbs, lead singer of The Four Tops.
It is very difficult to find info about Star Fire and The Atkins All Stars. In fact Star Fire and The Atkins All Stars were two different bands. Star Fire on vocals and The Atkins All Stars on music.
They released a single under the direction of Curtis Atkins, entitled "Oh Baby" in 1981. This great soulful song was written by Pamela Pierce and Darcell Brown. Produced by Curtis Atkins.

I must note that I tried to come in contact with some members from the group Starfire based in Richmond. I did not manage to find if the group from Richmond has any relation with the Star Fire on this single.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

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