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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mix Samples-Show 01-01-2014 by Souldennis

I wish to all my visitors Happy New Year. I decided to present a mix-samples of my favorite songs. Finally I want to mention that I'm the first blogger in the world who presents a song from the extremely rare album of the group Rhapsody. Enjoy !!!

  1.  Willie Toliver - Bit off more than I could chew  (Thin Dime 45")
  2.  Blue Magic - Can't you get of my life 1978 (ATCO Lp)
  3.  Joneses - Universal love 1977 (Epic Lp)
  4.  Rhapsody - Lady of song 1981 (Sunset Beach Lp)
  5.  MayneStream - Sheri  (La Perla Cafe 45")
  6.  Rita Johns - A little bit of love 1981 (Jingle Machine Lp)
  7.  Barbara Morrison - Dreams in flight 1990 (Pony Canyon CD)
  8.  Barbara Reed - The tear returns to me 1985  (Rare Sound Lp)
  9.  Acey McCone - Love will find its way (Unreleased featuring Jaimee Paul)
 10. Jeff Tyzik - Prized possession 1985 featuring Phil Ballou (Polydor Lp )


Exclusive Music said...

nice selecta, specially for Rhapsody, same style as stallion, and reminds me also "francois - something in you".
happy new year Dennis!!

A. Cabrera said...

Hi Dennis, I'm Angel Cabrera, thanks for Rhapsody theme is an incredible group..

BoogiE said...

Hi my friend , verry good mix ! :)