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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dorothy Moore ‎– Once More With Feeling 1978 Lp


I'm sorry for the delay. I was very busy. I had the opportunity to present Dorothy Moore and the single "Talk To Me-Every Beat Of My Heart / Lonelyabout five years ago. In my opinion Dorothy Moore deserved more recognition because she has recorded excellent songs in her career. I often hear some of them during the free hours of the day. I want to note that one of the best albums of Dorothy Moore is the album of 1978, called "Once More With Feeling". I suggest that everyone buy this record. It is worthy to have it in your personal collection.
It was released on Malaco Records and includes some brilliant songs. Participated in this album Don Barrett on bass, James Stroud on drums, Dino Zimmerman and Fred Knobloch on guitars, Carson Whitsett on keyboards. Backing vocals by Jeanette Williams, Jewel Bass, Kathy Young, Donna Rhodes, Charles Chalmers and Sandra Rhodes. Arranged by Charles Chalmers, Mickey Davis and Mike Lewis. Produced by James Stroud, Tommy Cough and Wolf Stephenson.
I have chosen four (4) tracks entitled "Special Occasion", "What Am I To Do", "Girl Overboard" and "(We Need More) Loving Time".
"Special Occasion" was penned by Sam Dees. The same song was recorded in the same year by Bill Brandon.

The song "Girl Overboard" was penned by Frederick Knight and Sam Dees.

The song "(We Need More) Loving Time" was also recorded in 1980 by The Dramatics.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

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