Soul Fantasy

Saturday, June 28, 2014

DiDi Anthony - Makin Love 1981

I have the pleasure to present an extremerly rare record 45". It was released on Starborn Records in 1981. Three years ago, I had the opportunity to present another rare record 45" on the same label by Robert Jason. DiDi Anthony is an unknown singer. I tried to find information for DiDi Anthony but it was very difficult.  As it seems, she collaborated with Robert Jason and Brian Ross.  Robert Jason was co-writer and arranger. Brian Ross who was also the producer of the Robert Jason record on the same period did the production. The vinyl includes two songs entitled "Makin Love / Cry Like A Baby".
I have chosen a great mellow song entitled "Makin Love". The lyrics were penned by Lorri Marlow and the music by Robert Jason.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

Monday, June 16, 2014

Sherill & Dee - Things Have Changed 1974


This record is an ultra rare vinyl which was released probably in 1974 on MS Records. The label was formed by Marjorie Schuck. Marjorie Schuck was owner and operated Valkyrie Press and she is editor and publisher of the poetry magazine Poetry Velture. Manager of the label was Tony Lawrence.
Sherill and Dee are Sherill Tomes and Dee Dibble. They along with Tony Lawrence rehearsed and recorded twice in recording sessions at Titan Sound Studio in Largo. The tapes were sent to California where they were pressed. It was released as a single entitled "Ain't That A Laugh / Things Have Changed" on MS Records. I chose the song "Things Have Changed". It was penned by Sherill Tomes & Tony Lawrence.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Roadway Band - One To Many

The last five years, this record has been sold only two times on ebay. I was fortunate to buy one of them.
Roadway Band was probably formed by the drummer and producer Bobby Cohen from South Carolina. He was owner of the label Cohen Records. The singer of the group is Kathy Hawkins who wrote the song "One To Many". The other song "Break Music" was written by Ray Jackson. Both songs were recorded at Sandcastle Recording Studio in Greenville South Carolina.

In 2009 Kathy Hawkins collaborated with legendary Clarence Carter. Both appeared at Harrah's Tunica Event Center. Next year she released an album CD under the name "Kathy Sings" on Cee Gee Entertainment.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full.