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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Arthur Rollins Jr. - I Loved You Long Before We Met

In fact Arthur Rollins Jr. became known to the collectors in 2010, when the record 45" entitled "Wherever You Go / Loved You Long Before We Met" on Lavender Lady Records appeared on ebay. Immediately I started to look for info concerning this singer, unknown to me at that moment. 
Arthur Rollins Jr. is a singer from the Bahamas. He was a member of the group Esquires LTD. The group started in 1969 in the Bahamas. They moved to New York in 1972 to continue their career. The members of the group at that time were Wilbur Fawkes, Carlton (Doc) Edwards, Donnie Fox, Arthur Rollins Jr. and Joe Fox. They worked with the Bahamian singer, songwriter and musician Frank Penn. The Esquires LTD released several records on Frank Penn's label called Penn's Records. They sang the song "The Bahamas" which was written by Frank Penn and was released on Penn's RecordsIn 1973 all of them released an album under the name Frank Penn And With The Esquires LTD.

In this album, Arthur Rollins Jr. sang three songs entitled "Theme From Shaft", "The Long And Winding Road" and "Quando, Quando, Quando".
That was the moment that Arthur Rollins left from the group to follow a solo career. Arthur Rollins Jr. continued to appear in various clubs and hotels. In 1974 he did appearances at the club Kiki Rouge with the band Willpower and Steve McEwan. At the same time he continued to collaborate with Frank Penn.
When Rollins moved to New York with The Esquires, he met the guitarist, singer, producer and composer Jimmy Briggs. So he collaborated with  Jimmy Briggs. Jimmy as a singer has cut a few 45". He also became known as a musical director of Johnny Mathis and Aretha Franklin in the mid 70's. He had also created a label production named Briggsville in the early 70's.  At that time, Jimmy Briggs worked with the singer Lea Roberts on United Artists Records.
As I told you, Jimmy and Arthur collaborated for several years. They released at least two singles. The first single was released on the Frank Penn's label, Penn's Records. This record 45" includes the songs "Walking On My Heart" and the flip side "I Loved You Long Before We Met".

Jimmy Briggs did everything. Both songs were written by himself. Produced, arranged and conducted by Jimmy Briggs.

During the next years, Arthur released another record 45" on Lavender Records. Except for Jimmy Briggs, Arthur was helped by Mary Washington as producer.

This record 45" includes the songs "I Loved You Long Before We Met" which was previously included on the Penn's Records and the song "Wherever You Go". Both songs were written by Jimmy Briggs. Jimmy was also arranger. 

I tried to find more information but it was very difficult. However, I found some information after 2000.
In the decade of 2000 he appeared in various great hotels like at the MGM Grand and Harrah’s in Las Vegas as well as in Atlantic City and Freeport in the Bahamas.

In 2006 the Esquires LTD reunited with the name Foxxfire. In 1973 when Arthur Rollins left from the Esquires LTD, he was replaced on lead vocals by Wendel Johnson. In 1975 Wilbur (Foxy) Fawkes left the group. Joe (Kinky) Fox became the leader of the group and renamed the group, Foxxfire. So in 2006 they were reunited for some appearances. They were Kevin Fox, Joe (Kinky) Fox, Arthur Rollins Jr., and Honory (H) Young.

They appeared for two nights weekly at Jokers Wild! In 2008 he also did a special musical appearance at Junkanoo Beach Club.

Note: The above posted singles are not played in full.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Mix Samples-Show (11-1-2015) by Souldennis

First of all, I wish to all my friends and all the visitors on my blog a Happy New Year. I'm sorry for the delay, I was very busy. I decided to present a mix of samples from some of my favorite songs.

  1.  Dexter Wansel - A Prophet Named K.G. 1976 (Lp)
  2.  L.T.D. - Feel It 1979 (LP)
  3.  Mass Production - Never Ever 1982 (Lp)
  4.  Starpoint - Don't Leave Me 1980 (Lp)
  5.  Michael Henderson - In The Summertime 1979 (Lp)
  6.  Mandrill - Getting In The Mood 1980 (Lp)
  7.  Roberta Flack & Friends - You Go To My Head 1982 (Lp)
  8.  Mighty Fire - Missing You 1981 (Lp)
  9.  Joyce Faison - Do You Wanna Dance 1981 (45")
10.  Beth Lawrence - For You 1981 ()
11.  Formula V - She's My Woman 1977 (Lp)

I must mention that the song "For You" by Beth Lawrence was never released as a single. It was included in a rare compilation in 1981.