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Monday, October 19, 2015

Dori Tellez - Rising Star 1981 Lp

Hello my friends, I have the pleasure to present an obscure artist named Dori Tellez. There are not many information about her, however on the back cover of the album a few info is included. Dori Tellez is a special personality of warmth and talent with the magnetic ability to draw an audience around her like a blanket. Dori is a "Must hear" or "Must go see" on anyone's list of things to do.
I discovered her on ebay some years ago. As I remember, I first saw the record 45" called "Puerto Rico / I've Seen Paradise" in 2011.

I tried to buy it. However, even though I was the highest bitter, I never received it from the seller. After many years I found it again on ebay. Finally I managed to get it. This record was released on Paradise Records. Both songs were written by Bill White. Here below, I have chosen for you to listen to the song "Puerto Rico".

The album "Rising Star" has been released after of the single on Paradise Records. It was released and was recorded at Soundtech Studio in 1981. Most of the songs of the album have been written by Bill White. Bill White previously had collaborated with Dori on the single which was released on Paradise Records.

The musicians that participated were Bill White on piano, bass and string synthesizer, George Maloich on sax and flute, Terry McFee on trumpet, Stan Sorenson on guitars, Brian Carno on drums, Ken Waine on organ and Rudy Granados on congas and timbales. Background vocals by Kay Maloich, G.Clark Cothern and Bill White.
I have chosen to present the song "Love Has Captured Me".

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

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