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Monday, November 24, 2008

Charles Johnson - Good good lovin' 1980

Scholars researching the influence of Batman on soul music including rap and hip-hop should put the name of Charles Johnson in bold-face type, providing they can figure out just which Charles Johnson is under discussion. Not to be confused with the gospel guitarist, to name just one possible case of mistaken identity, this Johnson has more than three decades of experience as a performer and began toiling as a producer in the early '90s. In this period he began constructing his dream recording studio, a facility that came to be known as the Funkcave because of Johnson's adoration for the aforementioned masked and caped crusader. This led to a record label called Funkcave in 1996, founded by Johnson and his best friend, the late Eddie Dean, Jr.

Johnson is considered something of an innovator in the recording craft, his ideas in the area of sound design unique and refreshing. His most devoted fans look for traces of his talent in even his earliest collaborations, while collectors of the so-called Northern soul style seem to be willing to part with as much as a thousand bucks for a mint copy of Johnson's own singles such as "Never Had a Love So Good." Cheapskates can find the song on several compilations, including Essential Modern Soul, Vol. 1 and Soul Underground, Vol. 2.
Also he recorded another one 7 inch single on Dash Records in 1980. Distributed by T.K.Productions. Produced by Horace Straws & Nathaniel Dean.
This track is also my ring tone!

Note: The above posted single is not played in full.

Biography by Eugene Chadbourne, All Music Guide

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