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Saturday, December 6, 2008

George Frye - Keep-on Keeping-on 1981

This mega rare album recorded at Worldwide Audio Long Beach, California. Most of the musicians are unknown.
Drums: Danny Woolfolk, Dan Renoux
Bass: Mike Wiggins, Eric Ward
Keyboards: Joel Gains, Tony Tanner, Ed Tet
Synthesizers: John Crowe
Guitars: Joe Clark, John Vestman, Michael Da’Loua
String: Arranged and performed by John Vestman
Background vocals: Caroline Brookins, Candy Hardaway, Crystal Blake, Chris Wright, Jerry “Jericho” Jackson, John Vestman
Horns & Wood Winds: Richard Howell, Kenny Scott, Brian Duran
Inspirational Leader: Tommy L.Ray – Frye Family
Produced by John Vestman and Chris Wright

This album is dedicated to George Frye’s parents

From this album I chose two tracks entitled "Keep-on Keeping-on" and "You're the one". I want to mention that "You're the one" version from album is a bit different of the other version of single.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

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