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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Moments- Baby let's rap now 1980

The Moments are Harry Ray from Long Branch, New Jersey (joined in 1970, replacing John Moore, who had replaced John Morgan), Al Goodman was born in Mississippi, and Billy Brown from Atlanta, Georgia. In 1968 Al and Billy replaced two of the original three members Mark Greene and Richie Horsley. But after a decade with Joe and Sylvia Robinson’s Stang/All Platinum label, The Moments had to move on. We had different ideas from them (Joe and Sylvia Robinson) and we felt had gone as far as we could in the business together. The group admitted it never wanted to change its name. But, as Goodman explained, “the company owned (The Moments), so we just settled for something new. Why Ray Goodman & Brown ? Well, we deliberately didn’t want a groupified kind of name. And because no one can take our real names away from us."

The Moments recorded this single on Sugar Hill Records in 1980. At that time they were recording also as Ray Goodman & Brown. This single isn't the last one as Moments with members of Harry Ray, Al Goodman and Billy Brown. Composed by T.Keith & Moe Moore. Produced by T.Keith & J.Chase. Tommy Keith was lead member of First Class. In fact the last one is entitled "Record Breaking Love Affair" in 1981 on the same label.

In a recent court case, for copyright infringement. A Federal judge has ruled "BABY LET'S RAP NOW" be credited Mark Roberts, Tommy Keith, Moe Moore. This information can be verified at or with the United States District Court, S.D. New York.
Thank you very much Mark Roberts for your info.

Note: The above posted single is not played in full

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