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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Carlena Williams - When I'm touching you 1984

This vinyl is an ultra rare record 45". Ten days ago it was sold for 150$ on ebay. Also three months ago it was sold for 230$ on ebay.

Carlena Williams grew up in a small town in North Carolina. She sang for the first time in church at the age of 13. She got in the high school and participated in the high school group called Delvettes. When she graduated from high school at the age of 18, she relocated to Buffalo in her sisters. Ηer brother-in-law Jesse was a singer. He sang with the Buffalo Gospel Singers. Along with him she sang at the hottest night spot "The Shalimar Club". There, artists such as Richard Pryor, Arthur Connoly, Eddie Floyd, Millie Jackson and Betty Wright would come as "head liners" and she got open shows for them. Later Vanetta Fields formerly of the Corinthian Gospel Singers of Buffalo and Eddie O'Jay manager at that time of the famous group The O'Jays helped her to be introduced to the Corinthians.
In the 60s, she used the name Carlena Weaver because she was married. She was member of the group Hank Soul Man Mullen, along with the vocalists Hank Mullen and Moe Jones. The band was formed in the mid 60s. They released two singles. She also released as Carlena Weaver two singles in the mid and late 60s on Audel and Mo-Do Records respectively. In 1975 under the name Carlena Williams released the single "I won't be completely happy" on Venice Records.
Carlena also sang for the legendary rock group Pink Floyd as a backing singer, Carpenters, Bonnie Raitt, Van Morrison in 1977 and David Gilmour's rock album in 1978.
In 1984 she recorded for Broadcast Records two tracks entitled "When I'm touching you" and "When you're near". Most of the artists involved on this single are unknown. Mike Rosati on guitar, Doug Lenier on bass, Michael Vernacshio on keyboards, John Friesew on drums, Steve Madaeo on trumpet, Bill Reichenbach on trombone, Jim Coile on saxophone. Backing vocals by Alfie Silas, Pattie Howard and Joan Johnson. Here below, enjoy this great rarity!

Note: The above posted single is not played in full


Bryan Crumpler said...

Way cool! That's my great aunt!

Tonton Décibel !!! said...

yes it's true ,

she had worked with David Gilmour !

when I had bought mid 90 in london,

the shop name was 'music&video exchange 38,56,64 nothing hill gate"

only 4£ at this time ,
a heavy heavy song !!!
fantastic post soul denis !