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Friday, April 24, 2009

Fay Hill - This is a blessing 1981 (too elusive!!!)

This album is one of the rarest gospel/modern soul albums ever. Until recently it was never seen even on demanding wants lists. Many collectors knew only her 1987 Lp entitled "Island of my mind" on Bouvier records in 1987. Fay Hill born in Los Angeles to Tom Hill and Hedy Hill, former gospel singer. At an early age, Fay sang before many church audiences and people became aware of the rare musical gift that she possessed. Her warm and vibrant voice seemed to capture the audiences and as she grew it has ripened to full bloom. She recorded this album in 1981 on Witness For The Lord Records. Arranged and produced by Leroy C.Lovett. I chose three tracks entitled “I know who you should see”, “Any load you can handle” and “I don’t know you”.

Fay Hill - I know who you should see 1981(Sample)

Fay Hill - Any load you can handle 1981 (Sample)

Fay Hill - I don't know you 1981 (Sample)

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

The track "I know who you should see" also released as a single on the same label in 1981 . The 12 inch is very expensive. (over 500$).
The track "I don't know you" first recording by gospel group "The Book Of Life" in 1980 on Sonstar records. Composed by Michael Orr. It was also included on the album Michael Orr & The Book Of Life in 1981 on Birthright Records.

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