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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Burton Inc - Nation song 1978

Ultra rare disco funk album with a jazzy touch by the Burton Family (Charles, Barbara and Tre' Burton) on their private label “Charlie Barbara Inc”. The most of the musicians are unknown. Jack Myers and Charles Gigliotti on piano, Bob Fisher on piano and clarinet, Steve Wright and Tre'Burton on drums, Dave Copenhaver and Maurice Love on bass, Charles Burton on guitar. Lead vocals by Barbara and Charles Burton. Background vocals by Barbara Burton, Charles Burton, Tre'Burton and Dycie Brown. Horns by Victor Rook, Lee Rucker and Chris Hicks. Produced by Barbara and her husband Charles Burton. I chose a jazzy track entitled "Nation song".

I want to mention that Charles and Barbara Burton started in the early 70s when appeared in the group called "Messengers Incorporated" from Oklahoma. Charles Burton was member as lead singer and guitarist. Barbara was also participated as a singer. The group released an album entitled "Soulful Proclamation". It was recorded at Benson Sound Studio, Oklahoma City.

Barbara Burton sang "Ain't no mountain (high enough)" of Ashford and Simpson. Enjoy this fantastic version.

It is also worthy to note Charles and Barbara wrote a song entitled "Work with what you've got" for Billy P.Hughes which was released as a single on their own label Charli Barbara Records. The label formed by Charles and Barbara.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

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