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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Charles Jackson - Gonna Getcha' Love 1979 Lp

Charles Chuck Jackson (not to be confused with the other singer Chuck Jackson) started his career as a songwriter in 1969 writing a few songs like "If It's Real What I Feel" and "Walk Easy My Son" to Jerry Butler. In the early 70's she met Marvin Yancy and they went to form a soul group The Independents. After the group broke up Chuck and Marvin wanted to continue their co-operation and met Natalie Cole.
Chuck Jackson and Marvin Yancy were behind some of the biggest hits of gold and platinum award singer Natalie Cole. Some of her hits the duo produced and wrote include "This Will Be," "Inseparable," "Sophisticated Lady", "Our Love," and "I've Got Love on My Mind".
Though busy with producing Chuck had also a solo career recording 2 albums "Passionate Breeze" in 1978 and "Gonna Getcha' Love" in 1979 on Capitol Records, under the name Charles Jackson.
Today I'm presenting the album "Gonna Getcha' Love".

It was recorded at Music Grinder Studios, Los Angeles,CA. The musicians were Bruce Conte, Michael McGloiry and Coleman Head Jr. on guitars, Victor Conte, Jerry Knight and Welton Gite on bass, Harvey Hughes and Dennis Davis on drums, Greg Levias, Nate Ginsberg, Chester Thompson and Ronnie Foster on keyboards. String contractor by George Bohannon and Frank DeCaro. Julia Waters, Maxine Waters, Owen Waters, Melvin Britt, Judy Jones, Jerry Knight and Sylvia Cox on background vocals. Solo vocalist on "I love you only" by Sylvia Cox.
Gavin Christopher on keyboards, percussion and production. I have chosen two tracks entitled "Just for your lovin" and "I love you only".

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

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