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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Harold's Return

Harold's career as a crossover balladeer has spanned over 30 years. A popularly featured artist in Milwaukee's leading entertainment venues, including the famous Cotton Club, from the late '70s to '90s, Harold has excited and delighted audiences throughout the midwest and south with performances described as “sizzling” by reviewers. With vocals as impeccably phrased and articulated as they are passionate and inspiring, Harold returns nostalgic, timeless innocence to romance

Souldennis: Hello Mr.Harold

Harold: Hey Dionisis

Souldennis: Where were you born and raised?

Harold: I was born is Tennesse, and raised in Wisconsin.

Souldennis: When did you start singing and since when you've been recording?

Harold: I was a young teenager when I first started singing.

Souldennis: You've been performing for many years at The Cotton Club instead of pursuing a recording career. Why is that?

Harold: In fact my mother accompanied me most of the times to get into the Clubs. The only reason I can say for being at the Cotton Club so long was lack of knowledge, and naively thinking maybe some one would come, see me and take me out of there. Always a full house but never a record company personality.

Souldennis: Which are your main influences and which are your favorite artists?

Harold: My main influences were Eddie Kendricks of The Temptations, until a friend came to me and told me that, when I sing in my natural voice opposed to falsetto, I sound like the lead singers of a group out of California, called The Whispers. Since then they have been among my greatest inspiration. I'm also influenced by Donny Hathaway, Peabo Bryson, The Manhattans and Mel Carter.

Souldennis: Talk about your 7" single entitled "In the cool of the night / Shortage of love" and the label you collaborated with.

Harold: My first single "In the cool of the night" was a collaboration with a dear friend who has since passed away, by the name of Jean King. Notice the first two letters of her name Je, and the first three letters of my name Har (Je-Har Records).

Souldennis: How many songs have you recorded in 80s and 90s?

Harold: I had two releases in the 80's and 90's. They were released on cassettes. Shortage of Love, In The Cool Of The Night, Night Time Fun, and, What Went Wrong are also included on these releases

Souldennis: How did you decide to get back to recording after all these years and release your new CD?

Harold: After raising a family and a failed marriage, I decided to pursue my carreer which had never subsided within me. I personally financed my own project. Recording when I could, and with tremendous limitations was able to finally finish.

Souldennis: After listening to your new CD album, I particularly enjoyed the track "A Positive Mind". When exactly did you compose it? Please share with us the story behind this track.

My new CD, titled, "
For the love of a woman". A Positive Mind is about the complete experience of always knowing that some day I would return to singing proffessionally, after many years of pain and heartbreak. I was trying to do the right thing. Putting my self last, silently crying, yet singing, deep inside, I kept a positive mind.

Souldennis: Thank you very much for your time and I wish you all the best.
Harold: Thank you too Dionisis.

Note: Available digital download at CDBABY

You can see the new website of Harold

The above posted tracks are not played in full

#  I want to thank Harold for his trust in me. 
## I want to thank my friend Nicolas Drosos for his help.

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