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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

James Anderson III - You, me, and love 1983


Jimmy Anderson (AKA James William Anderson III)(born 1947) is a singer, composer and producer. He was more known as a composer than as a singer. He wrote songs for the group called “Exportations” along with Clarence Rome. Today most of the collectors are looking for 7 inches by Exportations on Vir-Ro Records from 1980 and 81 respectively.
Exportations released two singles on Vir-Ro Records entitled “Find another day / I want you” and “Easy come easy go / You did it”.
In 1982 James and Clarence wrote one more song for the group entitled “Party Down” and it was released as a 7 incher and 12 incher on Birdie Records.

Next year he released a single entitled “You, Me And Love” on Olam Records from Detroit. He recorded at The Disc LTD Studios Detroit. Greg Rielly is owner of the studio.
Great musical backing by Detroiters William Green, Tony Willis, Aaron Willis, Curtis Sharp, Al Jones, and Harold Jones. Features backing vocals by Brandye. Composed and produced by himself. Solo sax by Harold Jones.

Note: The above posted track is not played in full

Olam Records from Detroit has released one more 45" record entitled "You did it" which was sold for over 1000$. Tyrone Edwards collaborated with James Anderson III on production. It was composed by Tyrone Edwards & James Andersons III. Date of Creation in 1977. Composers on FAQS appear James William Anderson III, Tyrone Edward Pickens & Clarence Rome, Jr. 

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