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Friday, May 21, 2010

Roland Bautista

Roland Bautista was a guitar player who has played in the band Earth, Wind & Fire. Bautista played on the EWF album Last Days and Time and left the band soon after the album's release. In the meantime he released at least two solo albums: "Bautista" in 1977 and "The Heat Of The Wind" in 1978 on ABC Records. On the second album he collaborated with Bobby Lyle on piano, Steve Gutierrez on drums, Donnie Beck on bass-guitar, Nathaniel Phillips on bass, Willie Bob on congas, percussion. Backing vocals by Jerry Salas, Phil O'Kelsey, Augie Johnson and Sylvia St.James. Also Ernie Watts on sax and Garnet Brown on trombone.
I chose two great tracks entitled "Steal your love away" and "Rhapsody". String arrangements by George Del Barrio. Produced by Wayne Henderson.

He also contributed to Jazz albums on Blue Note Records, as guitar player for "Ronnie Laws Band". His contributions to Tom Waits' albums are 1978 Blue Valentine released in 1978 on which he played the electric guitar and 1980's Heartattack and Vine where he also played the 12-string guitar as well as the electric guitar. Also he has recorded for Crusaders, Jackson 5, Lamont Dozier, Ramsey Lewis, Randy Crawford, George Duke, Wayne Henderson, Hubert Laws and many others. He returned to EWF in 1981 replacing former member Al McKay and performing on the albums Raise! , Powerlight and Electric Universe until 1983 when the group went on a four year hiatus.

I would like to mention, one of my favourite instrumentals by Stanley Turrentine in 1981. In this album called “Tender Togetherness”, Roland Bautista along with other members of the Earth Wind & Fire collaborated with Stanley Turrentine. Especially on the track “Cherubim” Bautista accompanies Turrentine on sax.

Sadly Roland Bautista passed away on the 29th of February 2012. He was 60.

Note: The above posted tracks are not played in full

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